These ultra-luxe tours can take you around the world in a private jet

These ultra-luxe tours can take you around the world in a private jet


There are two types of traveling –one is the luxury traveling and the other seems to be super-luxury traveling. And traveling the world in a private jet with special supplies and features along with 15-50 people with equal mentality falls into the category of ultra-luxury traveling.

For the worldly-travelers from well-to-do background taking the tour of the world at the lap of luxury in a private jet can be a different kind of experience. These trips can cost per person $100,000. The president of Protravel International, Becky Powell, says that the level of luxury, food and beverage, care, and the special amenities offered can be unmatched and is bound to remain at the top of the hospitality services.

These journeys are made special by Protravel International by extending the quality of traveling along with the visit to some off-beat exotic holiday destinations and the hi-end accommodations that are offered catered with all the inside experiences.

There are various types of private jets that can be considered for making bookings for a world-class travel experience. Among all the other, the Smithsonian Journeys and the National Geographic Private Jet Expeditions provide hi-end services and impeccable traveling experience to their passengers.

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