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Why Every Site Owner Needs to Use a SERP Checker Tool

If you currently have a website or blog and are trying to rank higher in the search results, while also increasing your traffic in the process, you need to be using a SERP checker tool. Without having such a significant tool in place, it will be hard to track your Google rankings and on-site optimization.

Through the use of this article today, we will highlight the many different ways a SERP tool can give site owners the opportunity to get more traffic, while also having better control over their search rankings.

And while there are many SEO tools out there to help in this process of site management and ranking higher, it’s never easy to tell which one of them is the best out there. And without this knowledge in place, site owners often end up spending too much on different solutions, or not using them at all.

However, everyone forgets about them and business owners, SEO agencies, and marketers all vie for the top position on Google. It is understandable as Google is considered the big brother among other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc.

With all of that in mind, let’s now dive into the importance of SEO and why every site owner should be using a SERP checker tool.

The Increasing importance of websites today

The online industry was growing steadily over the past few years until the Covid pandemic accelerated the digital marketing speed. Businesses and marketers have been relying on technology, including SEO, to optimize their digital presence. But with many industries focusing on the power of the online platform in 2020, the place is now getting crowded and difficult for businesses to bring in new customers. As a website owner, it is not possible to execute a good SEO strategy with the help of SERP checker tools nowadays.

Website owners and SEO professionals know that many users also use other search engines apart from Google. A good SERP tracker tool can give insights on the performance of one’s website on different search engines and how one can go higher up in those search engines.

SERP Checkers like Zutrix are designed to measure a website’s SEO performance. When one uses SEO strategies, it is for customizing the website for a search engine to improve. So how does one know how their website is performing after all the changes from time to time? How are they performing across multiple search engines? How are the keywords performing? How effective has SEO been? These are the important parameters whose results are important for a website owner.

Search Engines, SEO and Keyword Data

Search engines vary from one another and have different algorithms. Therefore, the results generated by them also vary. Google has an advantage among all the search engines as it personalizes outcomes more accurately than other search engines. Based on the historical queries of the users and the click-through rates, Google ranks a website. Apart from these two variables, there are other parameters too that SERP may not measure for Google accurately.

It is, therefore, better to have SERP data to get the performance metrics from other search engines, too, apart from Google. This will allow one to compare the SEO campaign success across different search engines giving insights into how people behave on other search platforms.

Many website owners would prefer to concentrate on single SERP results. With tools like Zutrix, they can be assured of 100% accurate and reliable SERP results which analyse Google search results deeply with its new AI.

Search engines also give personalized results based on the IP address, the device used, and query language. SERP checkers also analyze data on these variables and helps a business to see which SEO tactics are performing well and what necessary changes need to be made.

SERP results contain two types of results – organic and paid. The listings of the website that appear as an algorithm search result are organic.  On the other hand, SERP features are also meant to generate revenue for Google (through ads). The main objective is to provide information in the search results without the need to click.

How SERP Checkers Help Websites Rank Higher

They help a website to know where it is ranked in comparison to the competitors. It also gives specific insights on certain parameters which SEO professionals can use to help a website rank higher.


Keyword results let the website owner know whether they are relevant to the business or not. It is the most critical element for deciding a website search engine ranking. An ambiguous or irrelevant keyword will not help a website to go up high on the ranking list.

Content updates

Websites that are dormant with rarely any updates start ranking lower. This is done automatically by Google ranking algorithms.  Therefore, new blogs, updation of web pages must be done regularly to be on Google’s good books.


Metadata helps a website coding to explain its contents and displays the relevant keywords to search engines. Improving metadata on web pages boost its search engine ranking. Meta Data are of three types:

Meta Title

A website’s meta title is displayed at the top of the browser page and is between 50 and 60 characters.

Meta Description

The Meta Description appears below a meta title and is around 155 characters in a search result. It is a summary of the content found on the page.

While some SEO experts might suggest that meta description doesn’t matter as much any more, it’s still something that should be included within your blog content. And through the use of a WordPress plugin like Yoast, this is quite simple to set up and manage.

Meta Tags

The Meta tag is invisible to the website user. It is included in the web page’s code and contains the most relevant keywords to the content on the website.

A SERP checker tool can analyze the metadata effectiveness and its impact on the ranking. For example, a SERP checker can tell the rank in multiple search engines. The rankings will vary depending on which keywords one is checking. So, suppose the ranking is low with a particular keyword per the SERP Checker information. In that case, one can revise the meta tags to use better keywords.

Region-wise search

A SERP checker allows one to search area-wise when looking for results and rankings. This is because SERP rankings are based on the search data from the region where the search originated from.

Domain Assessment

Many SERP checkers can also assess whether the domain is having an impact on the ranking or not. If the website URL is not SEO-friendly, this will be reflected in the result, and one can move to a more favorable URL.

In Summary, Zutrix SERP Checker Tool is a Winner!

Just as all SEO is not the same and their outcomes vary, similarly, different SERP checkers give different results. Therefore, selecting a SERP checker like Zutrix tells how one’s keywords rank and why and where they rank the best.

Searching for the best SERP checker can be time-consuming and out of budget in many cases. With Zutrix free checker, one can get an idea of all its features and results and then move to a higher plan depending on one’s demographic targets and localized campaign.