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Best free minecraft server hosting


Minecraft is among the most popular games, with 126 million active people all over the world. Minecraft is a 3D sandbox game that has no specific limit to accomplish. This game is published in 2011 by a Swedish video game developer, Mojang studio. You can play this game on computers, Xbox, etc., and this game is created in the java programming language. These are the Minecraft mods, such as survival mode, adventure mode, creative mode, hardcore mode, and spectator mode. Whether you are playing Minecraft with friends or running a large online community, you will need a good Minecraft to serve the hosting provider. With the right hosting, you will enjoy multiplayer sessions and protect in-game achievements with additional layers of security and backup. The best free Minecraft server hosting is Apex, Scalacube, Hostinger, and Shockbyte, etc.


The best accessible Minecraft server hosting requirements are discussed here. Minecraft isn’t exactly a resource hog; therefore, it can be hosted on web servers that meet a few minimal requirements. Because games are often more resource-intensive than ordinary online apps, hosting them might be difficult. We’re talking about the most basic Minecraft settings, sometimes known as pure Vanilla. You can get away with the minimum in the VPS hosting space for such installations and an average player group of up to 10 users. We’ve skipped over storage space needs because they’re so small compared to what most hosting companies offer. Ensure that the storage is SSD-based.


In this multiplayer mode, you can play with the other or interact with the other player in a single world. And these players can run their server using the best free Minecraft hosting provider or connect directly to the other player’s game via Xbox Live. As well as the single-player world has a local area network, allowing users to connect to a world via locally linked computers without the need for a server. Hypixel is the largest and most popular server, with over 14 million unique users visiting it. Player versus player combat can be enabled to allow players to battle one another.

Benefits of running Minecraft Server:

  1. It can be aggravating if you’ve ever played a game and been annoyed because the version you’re on doesn’t have certain mods enabled. These plugins may even be readily available but just out of reach. You have complete control over what you run by hosting your own Minecraft server.
  2. Humans are social beings, and while spending time with family and friends can be a lot of fun. Fortunately, the digital world eliminates distance, and Minecraft can be a terrific method for you to create a little community of your close ones. Your planet within the world.
  3. When hosting a large community, regulations are frequently designed to have an enormous blanket impact for the sake of the majority. If you host your own Minecraft server and want your server to be the best free Minecraft server hosting, you need to think about the regulations that will apply to your little group. Even better, it will be entirely at your leisure and no one else’s.
  4. If you’re an instructor, you might be amazed to realize that Minecraft can be a great teaching tool. Consider doing social experiments and educating young minds on the significance of behavioral traits and decision-making in a stimulating atmosphere that motivates them to construct and explore.


 3 Minecraft Server Hosting providers:

The three best accessible Minecraft server hosting providers are discussed below:

  • APEX:

Apex hosting is effortless and affordable to use, and it is also the best accessible Minecraft server hosting provider. You need to select the server, and it will take care of your server in minutes. And also, you have the option to change the server version at any time. Apex server provides DDoS protection to save your server from ambush. Apex is one of the best free Minecraft server hostings. Apex Hosting provides a free subdomain name that you may use with your server, removing the need to purchase dedicated IP addresses. You may also utilize MySQL and FTP and Sponge, Bukkit, Spigot, or Paper, and plugins like Word Edit, Essentialsx, and others, as well as play mini-games, generate maps.


Scalacube is one of the best free Minecraft server hosting providers. Scalacube offers a free sub-domain so all the players can easily access the server. Scalacube also provides DDoS protection and automated backup to restore your data. Control panel can also be used to create a Minecraft launcher and a custom forge server, as well as edit your server and mod list. You can also customize the launcher’s appearance and allow your players to connect to the server through it. Scalacube has data centers located in different continents, North America, Europe, and Australia.


Shockbyte has been offering hosting services to Minecraft since 2013 and has a good reputation in the hosting community. Shockbyte is also the best accessible Minecraft server hosting provider. Without deleting your settings, you can change your plans, plugins, mods, and server type at any time. Shockbyte is MCPE and MCPC compatible, featuring a Java Version Switcher and custom JAR support. It gives you a color-coded console, DDR4 RAM for rapid speed, Multicraft CP, a powerful CPU, and job scheduling choices, making your games more exciting. You’ll also get limitless bandwidth and SSD storage, a 1 Gbps port with decreased latency, DDoS protection, a free subdomain, and infinite slots.

Do things need to be considered in Minecraft Server Hosting?

Following essential points must be considered while designing free Minecraft hosting providers:


Almost every web apps will necessitate time consumption, but this is particularly true in gaming situations. In real-world applications, the processing time is measured in clock cycles. Servers for web hosting are frequently outfitted with many quad cores. The amount of processor time you receive is controlled by the plans offered by your web server. The processing time in shared hosting is split among accounts, whereas VPS or cloud hosting plans give users exclusive access to set quantities of resources.


Random Accessible Memory is a type of volatile memory that is utilized to execute processes. When you send a request to your server, it gets data into memory for faster processing. If you have fewer memories than is necessary, servers must shift data in and out of RAM more constantly, resulting in reduced performance. Web host, like processor time, operates on a vast memory pool that is shared by several accounts. VPS or cloud solutions provide users with dedicated memory for use. The amount will vary based on the host and plan you select.


Minecraft isn’t a particularly storage-intensive game, but having an SSD will assist higher speed performance if you run a Minecraft server. Although, you should know the potential variances in this area. Some web providers will provide SSD-based server software while still keeping your data on standard storage. This is distinct from providing a complete SSD solution in which everything is saved on SSD.


This is among the critical aspects of your Minecraft web host. It is essential to know where the server is hosted. A server located distant from where the players are will frequently result in excessive lag. It isn’t much you can do if you’re hosting players from all over the world. If you are presenting in a more limited context (for example, for gamers in a particular country/region), select a web host with servers in or near that location. This can help significantly reduce game lag.


As I previously stated, certain web servers provide specific hosting options for Minecraft hosts. This is essential since those who do may have additional assistance for your Minecraft hosting plans that you will not be able to find anywhere else. Sort of support is frequently found in the areas of installation and configuration assistance. To determine if a host you’re evaluating can assist with this, try to contact them before deciding on a package.


Numerous hosting businesses offer reduced rates than the ones mentioned here. It is advisable to proceed with care if you decide to pursue these intentions. Many of these plans will frequently provide substandard services but may cut costs in areas that may negatively impact your gaming experience.



Several services are free, while others include paid and premium packages. We have discussed above some hosting websites. Some features may be sacrificed for free Minecraft server hosting. Still, premium Minecraft server hosting plans enable you to save all server data, such as configured game servers with their IP addresses, maps, uploaded mods, plugins, and so on. Minecraft is a hardware-intensive program, especially if you intend to host many people with mods enabled. So, when choosing a Minecraft host, check for the most recent and fastest server processors. The more participants on the Minecraft server, just as any other game application, the more RAM your machine requires to support them. A webserver with at least 1GB of space is suggested for a tiny configuration of 10 players. It also provides a considerably more fluid gameplay experience.

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