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Best free VPN reddit

Because there is no clarity on the best VPN Reddit, I’ll present some of the best VPNs Reddit that my research has discovered to be entirely reliable through upvoted discussions.

Reddit is an excellent place to gain opinions about VPN services. Various VPN-related subreddits are solely dedicated to VPN topics.  In this essay, I will also give Redditors’ perspectives on various free services in terms of dependability, speed, and security.

What is VPN?

A VPN establishes an encrypted connection (commonly referred to as a tunnel) between your computer and a VPN company-controlled server, via which all network traffic is routed. Anyone watching the network you’re on, including the network’s proprietors, will be unable to see what you’re doing. Even your ISP will be unaware of your activity, making it impossible for them to sell your anonymized user data. Because your actual IP address is concealed by the VPN, advertisers and snoops will have a stricter time monitoring you on the internet.

How to choose free VPN services?

Among certain VPN services, there is a lot of variety, so it’s a good idea to sample a few and check which one you prefer. Even if you’re utilizing a free subscription, a good VPN service should be simple to use and comprehend and shouldn’t provide too many obstacles. We strongly advise that you try a few services until you discover one that works for you, especially before committing to one.

VPN and access to Reddit

Reddit has been explicitly banned in several countries for quite some time. In 2015, China blocked Reddit as part of the Golden Shield Project.   Reddit connects a long list of popular websites that have been blocked in China, including Twitter and Facebook, among others. Because VPNs typically lack the necessary protection you need when choosing a VPN, I prefer to suggest commercial versions. Nonetheless, I do advise that some individuals desire or need to use a free VPN, which is why I’ve evaluated a variety of free VPNs so that I can advise you on which ones to consider.


The VPNs on this list are all trustworthy services that have a great reputation on Reddit and are available for free. VPN is the safest way to access the internet. It’s intriguing because it can route your traffic to a VPN server in a specific place you specify, masking your actual identity or a new IP address that represents a new VPN server location.


Windscribe VPN software is available in both premium and free editions. It is the best VPN Reddit. Surely, the paid subscription provides additional benefits, but the free version is excellent in terms of free services. The following provider is well-liked by the Reddit society. For privacy and security, Windscribe is a great option. It utilizes AES-256 encrypted and has a confidentiality logging system that only keeps your identity, locations, and bandwidth. It also has a fast download speed. Given how limited their free plans are and also how they continue to improve and include unusual features that other VPN services don’t, it’s outstanding as a multi-platform. Windscribe’s capabilities are completely customizable and simple to use. It does not require you to be experienced to run it on your system.


Proton VPN is the best VPN Reddit that does not impose bandwidth limitations. Although there are just three server locations in Japan, the US, and the Netherlands in this version, you get unlimited bandwidth and speed for free. Furthermore, it employs robust tunneling and encryption technologies such as Open VPN and AES-256, as well as a superb privacy policy that retains no user logs. As a result, Proton VPN is a fantastic free VPN that has the acceptance of the Reddit free VPN users community, and its quality speaks for itself, and this VPN is the best VPN Reddit.

Before leaving the network, Secure Core sends your data across many servers. This stops snoops from monitoring network traffic and correlating your browsing activities with your connection. Its workstations are housed in secure data centers in Switzerland, Iceland, and Sweden, respectively. This means that stringent privacy rules safeguard your data. To protect your data, ProtonVPN employs armed forces encryption. It has strict no-logs control, and its applications include a kill switch to prohibit unencrypted data from leaving the connectivity if your connection breaks.

  1. ME

Hidde.me VPN is a very popular VPN on Reddit. On Reddit, Hide. I have a mediocre reputation. However, this is mainly due to Reddit free VPN users’ aversion to free services rather than any legitimate concerns about the service’s reliability or privacy. The following user argued in support of hiding. Me: The supplier provides five free servers: Singapore, Canada, the Netherlands, the United States East, and West. It also has peer-to-peer capability, although it does not work with Netflix. However, the data allowance is limited to 2 GB each month. Hide, in general. If you’re looking for a free solution, I am a pretty capable service.

However, this VPN has several useful features. And it is the best VPN Reddit. You can observe the use of business sector encryption, which ensures the security of all data. You can use various gadgets. The customer service, on the other hand, really impressed me. You may get assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which means there is always someone available if you have a question or a problem. Hide. I’s VPN service is fundamental. It was created to try to entice you to join up for one of the more paid plans, so you can anticipate the service to be limited. However, this is becoming the norm for free VPNs. This provider’s free bundle includes three locations, one concurrent connection, 2GB data transfer, and at least one year of service.


TunnelBear is a well-known and best VPN Reddit service. Most Reddit threads about it are a tiny bit old now, as its popularity has dwindled over the years owing to issues with disabling Netflix. Netflix used to love the service, but it no longer does. Tunnelbear is the best free VPN Reddit now a days TunnelBear has a 500 MB/month connection cap, which is extremely low. This is one of the VPN’s most serious flaws. It does, however, provide a wider selection of servers than other free VPNs, with over 20 server locations to pick from.

TunnelBear’s reputation has dwindled in recent years, and I must acknowledge that this is a shame. The VPN is unable to unblock Netflix, which is a highly popular reason for utilizing a VPN! As a result, many of the comments on Reddit about TunnelBear are out of date. However, if you’re searching for a simple VPN, you can’t go wrong with this selection. There are several restrictions, like the majority of free VPNs available. There is a monthly connection limit of 500 MB for TunnelBear. This is relatively little but hardly surprising given that the VPN is free. Nonetheless, there are 20 server locations with huge multiple servers to choose from, which is a major benefit for a free VPN service.


Speedify is a fantastic and best VPN Reddit with an excellent speed result. This VPN prioritizes connection speed for all of your devices over all else, and it is slightly faster than other operators. The VPN has a monthly bandwidth cap of 2GB, which is enough but may not be enough for excessive web activity. Speedify uses ChaCha 256-bit encryption to give you online anonymity, which is said to be more difficult to crack than typical modern AES-256 bit encryption. Besides it, features include a kill switch, IP leak security, and decent torrent support.

The VPN does keep IP address and timestamp information. However, because it is based in the United States, it is relatively unsafe to entrust your vital internet usage to this VPN. These features combine to make this provider a priority among Reddit’s free VPN users. Check out Reddit’s top ten best free VPNs to find which one best suits your internet browsing needs.


According to society, a Reddit VPN is not generally advised due to the history of free suppliers selling user data for a profit. Nevertheless, there are several reliable VPN providers available for free, with which many Reddit users are pleased. If you wish to try it out, some of these free online VPNs also provide UK servers. So these all VPN are the best free VPN Reddit. The perspectives of regular users and professionals often coincide. It is worth noting. However, that typical users may not be aware of all of a VPN’s hidden software features or policies. A service may perform well on one platform while failing miserably on another. As a result, we advise you to consider not only the popular clamor but also the professional viewpoints. Remember to use caution when exploring the internet and avoid engaging in illegal activity. Without the use of a VPN, a lot of information can be exploited against you.