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What is augmented reality, and how is it used in games?

Gaming is arguably the most popular way to stay entertained now. While watching movies or listening to music is still popular, other forms of entertainment cannot match the level that gaming is at. It is a sector that generates many billions in revenue per year and has many sub-niches that contribute. The major two that most people around the world get involved with now are video games and online casino games.

When you see what each offers, it is easy to see why. Online casino games are not only fun but also come with cool bonus offers such as free spins. Finding the best internet casinos that give out bonuses is wise so that you get free chances to win money. If you are struggling to choose, Gambling Metropolis is a handy online resource that rounds up the best casino bonuses around. What about video games though? These are a hit because they are exciting, fun to play and social now thanks to online tech.

One buzzword around gaming in general is augmented reality (AR). It is being touted as the next big step forward for the industry. What exactly is it though?

What is AR? 

AR takes your real-world environment and gives it a digital twist. In simple terms, it adds digital information into real-life settings for people to interact with. This can be in a variety of ways from what you hear to what you see. It is different from virtual reality as you do not get taken into a totally virtual world.

AR is such a hot topic now because of its potential. The real-time interaction it delivers and 3D representation of virtual objects in a real setting are pretty revolutionary. It also gives a truly seamless, immersive experience to those who use it. AR is now also becoming popular because it can be used in so many ways and by so many sectors.

When it comes to AR in entertainment, gaming is where most of the focus lies. What does it bring to gaming?

How is AR used in gaming?

When we look at AR in games, it cuts across all niches. Video game developers, for example, were quick to latch onto the potential of AR. In broad terms, AR video games add digital characters or information into a player’s physical setting. Players would then interact with this to solve puzzles or complete achievements in the game. Game developers saw that combining the physical and virtual world into a seamless whole could make their games much more engaging to play.

What about the online gambling sector? Although it might not be widely available to players yet, it seems that this type of gaming is taking steps to use AR. There have been reports of AR casinos online, for example, that will add digital players and casino tables to your physical setting. AR casino games could also be seen in the future that will bring the cards you see on-screen into your physical world. If AR can match the popularity of .bet domains in the online gambling sector, it will be a real hit.

What are the best examples of AR-based games? 

To really get to grips with AR in gaming, it is perhaps best to look at some real examples of it in action. By far the most well-known AR game to date is Pokémon GO from developers Niantic. First launched in 2016, the reasons why Pokémon GO remains popular to this day are pretty obvious. It blends cute and fun characters from the Pokémon series with your physical environment to create a feeling of wonder. The game is also very engaging to play, as it sends you out into your local area to catch those crazy Pokémon characters. This not only gives a physicality to gaming that is not always seen, but also helps blend it with the real world you live in.

What other top AR-backed titles are there to enjoy? Fans of the Jurassic World series of movies will love Jurassic World Alive. This follows a similar gameplay model to Pokémon GO in that you move around your local area in a bid to collect dinosaurs and woolly mammoths.

AR is a hit for gamers

 Technology is always right at the heart of gaming. Without the latest leaps forward in gaming tech or the appetite for the industry to take new tech on board, it would soon get stale. AR is certainly an exciting thing for gaming in general and offers a cool new way to enjoy games. As more titles begin to use this tech in the future, we should all be able to enjoy it more.