Home Business .bet Domain Extension Proves Hugely Popular

.bet Domain Extension Proves Hugely Popular

In an industry as competitive and cut-throat as online gambling, standing out from the crowd has always involved plenty of luck and deep pockets. Premium gambling-related .com domain names can be extremely costly and besides, very few businesses are prepared to part with them in the first place.

Nevertheless all betting and online gambling ventures can now take advantage of the recently-launched .bet extension, aimed purely at those in the industry. The recent launch of brand-new generic top-level domain names has been a massive game changer in the domain industry and website owners now have a choice of addresses that fully reflect who they are and exactly what they do.

A domain name which includes the suffix .bet makes it simple for website visitors to know immediately what is being offered and it is certainly beneficial for those looking to improve their SEO. As such, it is hardly surprising that sales of .bet domain names have soared through the roof with many traders reporting extremely brisk sales in the months following their launch.

The online gambling industry continues to enjoy huge growth across all sectors and the opening-up of new markets, particularly in the USA, has ensured that this growth will continue for many years into the future. Indeed increased regulation has done little to slow this growth rate and the potential for onward sales of gambling-related domain names is clear for all to see.

Many traders have been quick off the mark with regard to .bet domain extensions and foremost amongst these are domainsforsale.co.uk who have a comprehensive range of domain names in this category, catering for all aspects of the betting and gaming industry. Indeed many individuals are looking upon .bet domains as an investment and it is certainly true that large sums are being realised for some of the more popular names, however on the whole, this domain extension is a far cheaper but no less effective alternative to the .com option.

Choosing a domain name that is relevant and fully reflects your business model and product can be a daunting task, however the launch of generic top-level domain names has levelled the playing field somewhat. A .bet extension makes it clear that the website is gambling related and this in itself gives the site owner far more freedom with regard to choosing the main domain name itself, thus allowing more in the way of creativity and allowing for more attention-grabbing web addresses.

With sales continuing to be brisk in this sector, prices are naturally starting to reflect demand and as such time should be of the essence when making your choice. Online domain-name traders are by far the best option with regard to .bet domain names and these operators will usually guide you through the processes involved in attaching your chosen domain name to your website.