Home Technology Google rolls out Android 10 for Pixel phones

Google rolls out Android 10 for Pixel phones

Google rolls out Android 10 for Pixel phones

Google finally has released the Android 10 operating system which comprises many new interesting features, including gesture navigation and dark mode.

The new features, which previously were teased by the company in the month of May during its Google I/O annual meet, can be downloaded on the Google Pixel smartphones now. According to Google, Android 10 will be released for other devices by this year end.

The most awaited new feature in the Android 10 OS is the gesture navigation which allows users to swipe between home screen and the apps seamlessly. Just like Apple iPhone X, the users of Google Android 10 will be able to swipe up in order to return home. The company has also changed its bottom bar style by replacing it with right and left arrows which have the ability of swiping between apps.

There is also a dark theme in Android 10 that can return the screen to a true black mode which promises to aid prolong the battery life as well as be more pleasing to the users. It even comes with brand new designs meant for 65 emoji, which includes gender-ambiguous designs. Earlier, the ‘person getting a haircut’ emoji as display as a female while the police official emoji was a male. But the new default choices for these as well as other emojis will receive a gender-inclusive design.

Other features in Android 10 include Focus Mode, Live Caption, and improved privacy tools for the users among others.