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How Has AI Transformed the Camera Technology Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Generally, the term AI seems to be used a lot in our surroundings. Spy cams in simpler words

Artificial Intelligence is a machine with the ability to sort out the problems that humans usually do with their instincts or natural Intelligence. AI helps to stimulate the higher functions of the human brain.

  • It programs a computer to use a general yet easy language.
  • It arranges hypothetical neurons in a manner so they can form concepts.
  • It helps to measure the complexity of a problem.
  • Artificial Intelligence has been transforming our lives.

Spy Cameras

The transformation of Artificial Intelligence began with spy/security cameras. As the security issue rose, people became more concerned about fitting in spy cams, and with that, the demand for AI spy cameras rose.

AI has transformed our lives

There is no denying of the fact that AI has changed our ways of living. It has been contributing too many aspects of our lives. We make use of the AI to interact with our phones through our very famous voice assistants like Siri and Alexa. Cars are also designed in such a way that they analyze their surroundings to drive themselves.

Artificial Intelligence has transformed the camera technology in the following ways:

Interprets Facial Expressions

When the picture is captured from a particular camera, the AI speaks what it sees by interpreting the facial expressions of the person.

Facial Scanning in Shops

In some places of the world, it is the Artificial Intelligence that has enabled people to purchase things from anywhere by just getting their faces scanned.

Police Can Monitor the Citizens

This has become possible by the giant network of surveillance cameras that police can monitor the citizens by face recognition.

Measures the Concentration Level of a Student 

In China, Artificial Intelligence cameras have been used in the classrooms to measure the concentration level of the child.

· Some surveillance cameras also check how often students check their phones or yawn during classes. By doing so, the students’ grades are more likely to boost, and parents are also pleased about such machines.

Portable Camera

Such cameras fit in the palm of your hand, but this is Intelligence, but what makes it an intelligent camera? Well, it is a camera that

· tracks your face movements,

· potentially differentiates between different scenes

· knows what to do.

· can be controlled with your smartphones

· Voice commands can control it

· knows when to take pictures

· knows when to shoot videos

· can potentially edit any video or picture

· I recognizes the actions being taken by humans like putting on a hat or making a coffee

For medical purposes

Artificial Intelligence is also making its way in this field and detects the heart rate and respiration of a person.

Traffic Cameras

Such cameras make use of the Artificial Intelligence to measure the amount of attention the driver is paying towards the road by reading the facial expressions

CCTV Cameras

The world of automated surveillance is growing and blooming. The CCTV cameras have become advanced with the help of artificial intelligence that they can spot unusual behaviour without any human supervision. One of such cameras’ example is the “Al Guardman”, it can detect and track people by using 2D technology. Whenever it encounters any suspicious behaviour, it informs a shopkeeper through a connected application.

IP Cameras

The internet protocol camera (IP) cameras can make the footage and send through the computer and internet. The unique thing about this is it can record the high-resolution footage.

Rule-Based Intelligence

This is the most prevalent type of artificial Intelligence, mostly used in the security industry. In this, the rules are set, and the programme works according to those set of rules.

Active Artificial Intelligence

In this, Artificial Intelligence figures out what is normal behaviour for people, machines and vehicles based on their surroundings and other patterns. When something abnormal is observed in the design, the alert is sent.

Spot Violent Behaviour in Crowds

With Artificial Intelligence, the people have started behaving properly because the cameras have the potential to point out the violent behaviour in the crowd.

Potential Problems with Automated Surveillance

As the world is advancing, it is posing some severe problems to humans. With Automated Surveillance, people’s privacy is at stake. It is often challenging to match the normal behaviour of a person with a suspicious one. Some security cameras might make mistakes in identifying the customers. They confuse the ordinary people who pick up something, see it and put it back with the people who have the intention of stealing a product from a shop.

It is exciting to see what machines think about us. Generally, people assume that saying that machines can think is like saying that submarines can swim. Both seem barely possible, but again it’s the 21st century and we are evolving every second of every day.