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5 Best Mobility Scooters For Seniors

A mobility scooter is a combination of a wheelchair and an electric scooter that helps people with any motor disabilities and seniors facing trouble walking and standing for long durations.Mobility scooters are the perfect solution for seniors to get to point B from point A, whether it is at home or for grocery shopping.

They have a seat equipped and come in varieties offering various features and available in different price ranges.It not only makes life easy for the person using it but also for the family members because they can rest assured about their mobility, and it also comes handy during any emergency.

However, before purchasing a mobility scooter for your loved one, there are some essential things you need to know about them, such as the security features, the speed limit and flexibility.The first and foremost thing to know about mobility scooters is that they come in various types such as foldable, 3 wheel and 4 wheel scooters.

You can choose one from the following list of the five best mobility scooters for seniors, according to your requirement.

1. EV Minirider Folding

The first and foremost electric scooter in the list is a compact and foldable one with the state of the art safety features and functionalities.It comes with an automatic braking system designed to make the ride comfortable and the stops smooth.The best part about EV Minirider Folding is the tiny wheels that make travelling across tight spaces much more comfortable and smoother.

That’s not all, the tyres of the electric scooter are puncture-proof, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of an aged person driving it.EV Minirider is a perfect combination of safety and performance with a maximum travel range of 9 miles per a single charge and can handle a maximum load of 253 lbs.The foldable design of the electric scooter makes it easy to carry around in cars and even flights while travelling.

2. Glion SNAPnGO

Here’s another foldable travel-friendly mobility scooter that delivers maximum power, loaded with some of the best features and safety measures you can expect from a mobility scooter.

The main USP of Glion SNAPnGO mobility scooter is that you can fold it and carry it like a trolley luggage suitcase in its vertical position. It is also an airline approved mobility scooter, which means you can carry it on planes and will also easily fit in the trunk of a car.

It comes with an adjustable seat to accommodate riders of all sizes comfortably. The safety features such as the parking brake, the manual handbrake, 3-speed settings and the rear and front lights make this mobility scooter one of the most reliable. Best suitable for both indoor and outdoor travel, the Glion SNAPnGO mobility scooter gives you a maximum travel range of 15 miles for a single charge.

3. Pride Mobility Go-Go

Unlike the two mobility scooters mentioned above, Pride Mobility Go-Go is a heavy-duty mobility scooter that can handle a maximum weight of 325 lbs. Designed for delivering performance with a top speed of 4 mph, Pride Mobility Go-Go is an ultimate choice for those looking for a mix of performance and durability. That said, it does not lack beyond its competitors in terms of safety features as well.

The mobility scooter comes equipped with LED light in the front for smooth movement during dark hours. Also, the deck provided in the front of the scooter adds additional space to carry essentials while riding it. Another attractive feature of the scooter is that it allows users to charge while onboard or offboard by placing the charger port in a convenient spot near the tiller.

4. Travel Pro Premium

Travel Pro Premium is a three-wheel mobility scooter that delivers a maximum travel range of 6.3 miles per charge. The maximum speed limit of 4 mph makes it perfect for both riding indoors and for grocery shopping outdoors as well. The sleek design includes an adjustable leather seat paired with a flip-up armrest that guarantees easy in and out access to the mobility scooter. The mobility scooter comes with a basket, a cup holder and a saddle bag for carrying essentials and personal items.

Though the mobility scooter stays behind its competitors in terms of maximum travel range, the additional storage space and the comfortable seating option make up for it. The flip-up armrests are faux leather padded as well. Overall, Travel Pro Premium is one of the best choices in terms of flexibility and performance among the three-wheel mobility scooters.

5. E Wheels EW 36

Here is a mobility scooter that stands out from all other models mentioned above is the E wheels EW 36. The maximum speed limit of this mobility scooter is 18 mph, far more than most of its competitors. That’s not all, with a single charge, you can travel 45 miles on the E Wheels EW 36. It is also a three-wheel mobility scooter with exceptional power that delivers excellent performance. The scooter has a reverse switch armrest for easy access as well.

That’s not all; the best feature of the mobility scooter is the anti-theft security system.

It comes equipped with an alarm system that alerts when someone tries to hamper with the lock trying to steal the mobility scooter. Overall, the E wheels EW 36 is a perfect combination of all aspects such as performance, safety and comfort you would expect in a mobility scooter.

Now that you are aware of the various mobility scooters available in the market and its features, it’s better to choose one that suits all your requirements. Choosing a mobility scooter that delivers the best performance but lacks in safety, makes no sense if you are looking for a safe and secure mobility scooter.