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5 DIY Tips On Wiring A Switch To An Electrical Cord

If there’s one irreplaceable household amenity, then that is electricity. Just like the oxygen, you can barely function a day without proper electricity. Along with the electrical supplies, electrical connections and wirings also play a significant role in day-to-day life. With just a little wiring deterioration, the entire house lighting might take the backseat. Hence, it becomes crucial to connect the switches to extension cords without any discrepancies. For such purposes, you need to remain vigilant and know the smart tips and tricks to get the wiring done correctly.

Keep reading to know the crucial tips that you must follow while wiring a switch to power cords.

Consider Dimmer Switch


Here’s the trick that reduces your electricity bills in no time. You must consider the dimmer switches instead of the regular ones for your home lighting. This allows you to adjust the brightness according to the need of the hour. What’s even better is that these switches are available in various types like sliders, knobs, and touch-based controllers. However, before you get your hands on the right dimmer, make sure to consider a few things. Firstly, check the capacity of the dimmer and tally it with your house lighting fixtures. If the capacity or ampere load matches that of your house, then you can use the same.

Another essential thing to keep in mind is the single-pole or a three-way switch type to connect to the flat extension cord. In case one switch handles the particular light fixtures, you should fetch the single-pole dimmer. On the other hand, get the three-way one if more than switches control the specific lights.


  • Saves Energy as well as Money as they let you control the brightness of your lights. That way, you save maximum energy and around reduce up to 10% of the electricity bill.
  • Better Control Over Light Intensity with just a few clicks or slides. Some dimmers allow you to control the intensity with remote control as well.
  • Durability Of Light Bulbs increases with the dimmer switches as they require less voltage and current load. You get to use the same lighting for 2-3 years without any current overload.

Keep The Hot Wire Away From Neutral Terminal

One of the most significant issues with wrong wiring is the potential risk of an electric shock. Although there are innumerable reasons for such a hazardous situation, connecting the hot wire to the neutral terminal remains on top. The switch box contains several wires like black, white, bare copper, and others. While the black wire is the hot one, the white wire denotes the neutral one. Electricians advise keeping the hot wire away from the neutral terminal of the switch to minimize the risk of lethal incidents.

Make sure the wires are connected to their respective terminal while wiring the switch to the extension cord. Otherwise, the risk of unwanted accidents increases two folds.

Always Ground The Three-Slot Outlet

Most of the people tend to replace their two-slot outlets with a three-slot one. This can be due to better efficiency and the ability to connect a variety of appliances. However, before returning the two-slot outlet, make sure to adhere to the proper grounding features. Start by checking if the slot is grounded or not. You can do this with the help of a tester and observe the lighting pattern. If you get a series of lights, then there’s no need to go for the grounding. However, if any other pattern emerges on the tester, get started to ground the slot.


  • Prevents Electrical Shocks up to a great extent. Such incidents happen when you connect the wires to the wrong terminal on the switch. Make sure to connect the hot wire to its respective terminal for maximum safety.
  • Keeps The Voltage Load Away by diverting the extra load towards the ground. This maintains the life of your home appliances and transforms them into a durable one.
  • Electrical Fires Kept At Bay due to lesser current or voltage loads that might occur. Also, the additional voltage drops due to little grounding might cause a risk of fires considerably.

Arrange The Wires In Switch Box Properly

While wiring the switch to power cords, closing the switch lid might be a daunting task. This is due to the never-ending bundle of wires that the switch box contains. However, you can easily arrange these wires from scratch for better space. Start with separating the different cables like the ground, hot, or neutral ones. Further, fold the individual wires and leave a pigtail. You need to transform them into a compact set of folds. Do the same with other cables and leave the pigtail just as it is.

You might want to make a mark on the hot wire by putting a mark or a cap over it. This makes the switch box appear extremely organized and saves the extra time required for identifying the wires in the future. Along with this, you create more room for the switch and prolong its life up to a significant level.

Use Home Electrical Tools

Fishing wires without proper tools and equipment can turn out to be a total headache. Hence, before starting the switch wiring, grab the essential electrical tools optimum for fishing the wires. Flex bits offer the liberty to create holes in the problematic places on the wall. It’s always better to go for the bits that contain a hole at one end. Make sure to get the standard sizes, i.e., 5 feet and 6 feet suitable for household purposes.

Another crucial tool is the glow rod that makes pulling the wires a lot easier. Just like the name suggests, these wires come with pre-installed lights that make the pulling and fishing game quite bearable. With versatile lengths as well as diameters, you can get the suitable one according to your needs.

Bottom Line

If you’re thinking of connecting the switch to the extension cords, then make sure to do your research first. It would be best if you were looking for easy ways to accomplish this task. Along with this, specific tools are a prerequisite to creating the top-notch wiring connection. What’s even more crucial is that you must protect your house against electrical; fires and shocks due to faulty electrical connections. For such purposes, don’t forget to connect the hot wires to the right terminal on the switch. Other than that, you need to ground the three-slot outlet for better diversion of excess current load or voltage.