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Why eco-pods are the new glamping trend

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Glamping – or ‘posh’ camping – has been around for over ten years now and it’s still as popular as ever.

In the early days, for those who loved the idea of sleeping in the outdoors but loathed the mere suggestion of sleeping on a dodgy roll up mat and harbouring back ache for the duration of their seven-day trip, glamping was a serious holiday accommodation contender.

Trendy option

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With the phenomenon exploding on social media and people detailing their travelling experiences, glamping was seen as a trendy option for many families who had that little bit extra to spend on a good old British getaway.

Whether you were staying in a tipi, a yurt, a treehouse or shepherd’s huts, it was a bit of a talking point as you weren’t just staying in a bog standard tent.

Revamping glamping 

But the one thing that is now shunting the usual glamping accommodation to the side is eco-pods, according to business owner Philip Doleman, of Pod Developments Ltd.

Eco-pods are little abodes, often insulated with high performance natural products and incredibly energy efficient.

As some of these eco-pods are available in random locations such as Rossendale in Lancashire, they strike a chord with people everywhere because these places can be literally found on their doorsteps – and this makes them truly appealing.

Insta-nt attraction

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And with instagram more popular than ever, it seems glampers are all around, spreading the word about these new eco-offerings. And what’s not to love? The interiors always look basic yet glistening and the tranquil surroundings offer a great way to get away from modern life if just for a couple of nights.

With a typical eco-pod you might expect to find double-glazed windows, lockable doors, under-seat storage, BBQ area, kitchen appliances, a canopy and decked area as well as a rather comfortable big bed.

Glamping is a great way to spend quality time with your loved ones, capture some endearing wildlife and enjoy the outdoors…. to an extent! 

So it comes as no surprise that Brits are keen to take these types of holiday given the ever-increasing popularity of shows such as Countryfile, Planet Earth and Springwatch. 

Designer option

Philip Doleman said: “Eco pods are a great designer option for those considering self-catering holiday lets and they’re certainly a step up when it comes to glamping. 


“With bespoke sizes available and options for unique shower rooms and kitchens, they’re a great option for hosting many people in one pod – and because we can tailor them to individual tastes, they make amazing holiday homes too.”


Modern holiday home sites will be equipped with WiFi too so if you really must work on your days away, you can! Otherwise, bask in the glory and take the outdoors in.