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Kids’ bunk beds for the designer home

If your kids are desperate for bunk beds but you’re put off by the chunky, bulky aesthetic, don’t worry! There are hundreds of stylish, practical and unique kids’ bunk beds that will look right at home in a luxurious living space. The right bunk beds can save floor space, provide useful storage and look amazing with coordinating decor. We take a look at what kids’ bunk beds are out there and what will suit your stunning designer home.

Coordinating children’s rooms

With so many different favourite things, endless toys and a new hobby every week, it can be hard to keep your children’s bedrooms looking cohesive. Using a general scheme, like rainbow colours or an animal theme, can make it easier to mix up your children’s bedroom and add new accessories. Coordinate your kids’ bunk beds with the rest of the room and choose the same finish as other furniture for a high-end look. From shabby-chic white painted bunk beds to traditional wooden bunk beds with turned pillars, whatever type of furniture you love, find a bunk bed that matches for your kid’s room.

Cut the clutter with built-in storage

One of the most important things for a stylish family home is to make sure there is a place for everything to go away once it’s been used. From toys to dishes to crayons, having convenient storage solutions around your home is essential for that decluttered, minimalist look. Find a kids’ bunk bed with built-in storage, such as hidden compartments under the steps or pull out drawers for storing toys underneath to make tidying up easy.

Subtle colourways for neutral rooms

Kids’ bunk beds don’t have to be primary coloured, low-quality or made of cheap wood, there are loads of neutral bunk beds out there that are perfect for a sophisticated home. Choose Scandi style kids’ bunk beds in muted grey, stone or white for a subtle look that can be brightened up with colourful bedspreads or complemented with neutral bedding. A neutral coloured bunk bed also means each child can personalise their own bunk how they like, so it feels like their own private sleeping space.

Bring the outdoors in

We all know just how beneficial bringing nature into the home is, so fill your children’s room with natural materials, plant designs and calming green shades. Wooden children’s bunk beds also look great in a designer home, with rich oak adding a traditional look and pale pine creating a neutral space. For adventurous little ones, a wooden treehouse bed is so on-trend, perfect for making up adventures and creating a hideaway. Choose a stunning treehouse bunkbed with a window for peeking out and even a slide for a vogue-worthy kids’ bedroom that will provide hours of fun.

Classic bunk beds

If you live in a beautiful Victorian home or you are going for a vintage interior design scheme, classic metal bunk beds can look amazing in a traditional children’s bedroom. Minimalist metal bunk beds can also take up less room and have a timeless design if you need to redecorate. Complement your existing furniture collection with a designer kids’ bunk bed that’s crafted from high-quality wood or metal.

Shop bunk beds

Whatever type of interior design you love, from modern and minimalist to traditional and antique, bunk beds can be a great way to make the most of your designer home and create a sense of space in your children’s room. Your children will love a bunk bed they can customise and make their own so choose a stylish kids’ bunk bed for your next furniture upgrade.