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Revealed: The Luckiest People in the World

A person, an organization, or even a nation doesn’t become lucky without any reason. In order to make its citizens the luckiest in the world, a nation must undergo a lot of hardship, constant efforts, recurring development, and develop citizen-friendly policies for years for its population to earn the term – lucky.

If the citizens of a nation describe themselves as satisfied with their current living status or happy then we can comprehend a lot about the health, wealth, mental wellbeing, financial and nation’s security, and educational opportunities they are getting.

While a nation’s security is always its top concern, a thoughtful nation will always try to focus on other important areas such as education, healthcare, and the financial conditions of its citizens. After years of such an outlook and unprecedented efforts in this direction, a nation will step into the category of being lucky. Let’s have a look here at the luckiest people in the world in more detail :

1) Switzerland

We all have planned to visit Switzerland at least once in our lifetimes, haven’t we? And, there’s a good reason for that. Switzerland is nature’s marvel and it is also known as the heaven on the earth thanks to its snow-enveloped mountains, greenery, and rivers. It has a very stable economy and according to a survey, 25% of Switzerland’s population belongs to other countries.

2) Iceland

Iceland is rich with natural landscaping that includes massive geysers, lakes, springs, mountains, and rivers. In terms of the economy, it stands on the top as the GDP per capita in 2020 was more than 59200 USD while the unemployment rate is just below 5%. Free-market reforms that took place in 1990 contributed very much in improving its economy in the last 30 years.

3) Norway

As per the 2021’s economy index, Norway stands 28th position globally and 15th position in Europe. The reason through which it amassed its immense wealth is because of its well-educated workforce thanks to a very strong and subtle education system of the country. The GDP per capita here was more than 67,200 USD in 2020.


You will be surprised to know that 90% of Australia’s total population lives in coastal areas. Its citizens are termed one of the luckiest for several reasons such as its vast greenery and low levels of pollution. The clean air contributes to the good health of its citizens. Despite its small size, the population of Australia is around 26 Million.


Ireland is known for providing a superior quality of life to its humble citizens. The GDP per capita of Ireland is extremely highest. In fact it is one of the highest in the entire world. The total GDP of Ireland was $476 Billion in 2021 while the GDP per capita is $94556 according to the data provided in 2021.

New Zealand

With a small population of 50 lakhs, New Zealand stands as one of the wealthiest country in the world considering total per capita income. The GDP per capita here is 40,100 USD which has been shown a continuous upward leaning graph for several past few years.