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Frequently asked questions about bathroom wall panels

Since bathroom panels have become so much popular in the past few years’ people have started to inquire more about this product. Since tiles are hard to install and are expensive in terms of installation and materials more people are showing interest in it. A lot of people have already installed them in their bathrooms and the reviews are really good. The best thing about the wall panels is that they are very much easy to install and it does not need a lot of skill to install them. Changing the panels are also very much easy making the whole procedure simple for a lot of people.

Since a lot of people have been asking about the best bathroom wall panels UK we have decided to personally answer all the questions personally here:

  • Is it possible to replace the cladding if it is glued to the tiles?

The design generally stays up for a long period of time and since it lasts long you will not have to worry about changing them. If you are still planning to change them then you should know that removing them will surely damage a few of the panels. This will end up making the walls disrupted. It is totally up to the installation on how the panels will come out in the future.

  • Can we install panels behind the radiator?

The answer to that question is yes. You can install the wall panels behind the radiator, but it is recommended that you should not install it if the radiator exceeds the temperature 60-degree centigrade. Till now there have not been any kinds of complaints from the customers about installing them behind radiators.

  • What should you use to cut the wall panels?

If you are trying to install bathroom wall panels then it is recommended that you get yourself a hand saw because it is the best thing to cut the panels properly. The hand saw is safe to use and almost every armature person can cut the panels properly with the help of a hand saw.

  • Can you install the panels in a steamy room?

The answer to that question is also yes. The panels are very flexible in nature. The panels will work perfectly in steam rooms without any kind of issues. You need to keep in mind that the longevity of the panels will definitely be affected because of the steam room. Manufacturers generally do not recommend installing the panels in the room where there will be a lot of moisture.

We have tried to answer all the frequently asked question about wall panels. If you have a question about bathroom flooring we can help you with that too. We hole that we have helped you to get a clear understanding of things that you need to keep in mind if you are planning to install and use wall panels. Wall panels are very attractive and are available at cheap prices. If you are looking to install bathroom wall panels, make sure you do not end up buying wood panels because they will not be suitable for bathroom use.