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Support Local Artists and Authors while Promoting Your Area and Business

Belfast author and Guardian journalist, Henry McDonald, has inspired a novel way to promote artists and authors, while also showcasing local areas. A casual Twitter conversation between McDonald and Dublin-born author, Jackie De Burca, resulted in the creation of the new podcast, Creative Places and Faces.

Launched on 30th October 2020, the Creative Places & Faces podcast investigates the role that place plays in our creative output. The first episode features De Burca’s intriguing interview with Henry McDonald, where you can follow his fascinating creative journey from Belfast of The Troubles, to Berlin, Nerja and Hove.

McDonald is the first in a superb line-up of guests from Northern Ireland. Others include author, Malachi O’Doherty, whose work with a guru in India undoubtedly influenced his creative life later back in Belfast. A number of local artists unveil areas of spectacular beauty and inspiration, some of which are Game of Thrones locations, while award-winning author, Jan Carson, reveals her most important places and how East Belfast plays muse to her.

Strangford Lough by Ann Smyth – Scenic route from the Studio to home

Promotion Channels

The Creative Places & Faces Podcast is promoted to the media, publishing companies, arts organisations and a growing social audience of 40,000. The artists involved supply beautiful photos of their local areas which are integrated into the social media campaigns and featured on De Burca’s blog, Travel Inspires. An example of this can be seen by visiting: Strangford Lough with artist Ann Smyth

Ann Smyth, is a stained glass artist whose work has been featured on the BBC. She also sells wonderful smaller pieces on her Etsy shop. Through being featured on the podcast, article, social media and media outreach, her beautiful range of creations will be seen by a new audience of 60,000 plus. The place that is central to her work, Strangford Lough, is also showcased to this audience.

By Sponsoring an Episode of Creative Places & Faces

Your company will be helping a local artist, writer, artisan or musician reach a brand new audience during these very challenging times.

Sponsors help promote their local area in this creative way.

Sponsors are featured in press releases to local and national press.

You will raise your brand in a very positive way during these challenging times.

Your website will gain valuable links that may help its position online.

Sponsorship spots are still available for this first season and are open now to worldwide sponsors as future seasons are being programmed.

About the Creative Places & Faces Podcast

The Creative Places & Faces Podcast was created by author, Jackie De Burca, after her Twitter chat and ongoing collaboration with author and journalist, Henry McDonald. Author of the book, Salvador Dalí at Home, De Burca has been deeply affected by the places that she has spent time in.

Creative Places & Faces aims to open up your perspective. The central theme is always the role of place in our creative lives. A consideration more pertinent now than ever before as many of us face second COVID-19 lockdowns.

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How to Become Involved

Creatives – if you would like to apply to be featured as a guest or wish to nominate a guest please go to: https://creativeplacesandfaces.com/index.php/nominate-a-guest/

Publishing houses and agents – contact Jackie De Burca to discuss collaborations at jackieb@cwa-europe.com

Sponsors – support the arts and independent artisans by sponsoring an episode of Creative Places & Faces. Reach an audience of 60,000 plus reap a wide range of benefits like the first episode’s sponsor, Property Insurance Centre.

Contact: jackieb@cwa-europe.com

Media contact

Jackie De Burca

Email: jackieb@cwa-europe.com