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Difference Between Boutique Hotel And Standard Hotel? Which one is best to stay by Graham Shear

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The concept of “boutique hotel “sounds familiar to you. You may have found this option when looking for accommodation or you may have read it in a magazine or article about travel.

Although Graham Shear detected that this concept generates doubts among some travelers, as he considers that to make decisions, you have to be clear about things; in this article, there is an explanation of what a boutique hotel is.

Thus, when you are looking for accommodation, if this option appears, you will know what the thing is about, and you will be able to select or discard it depending on your interests.

What is a boutique hotel?

It is a type of accommodation born in the 80s as an alternative to standard or conventional hotels.

New York is considered as the place of origin, although some voices also point to Europe.

This type of accommodation emerged when a need was detected among travelers, especially the most frequent.

They looked for well-located accommodation with its personality, which offered them warmth in the treatment and made them feel at home.

Characteristics of Boutique Hotels:

Central location: 

A boutique hotel is usually located in large cities, specifically, in the most dynamic or fashionable areas or neighborhoods.

Unique design and decoration: 

Some buildings converted into a boutique hotel are usually historical or have differentiating features that give them their personality.

Decoration also plays an important role: 

Every last detail is taken care of and is usually different in each room. In this way, the client does not feel that, if he has already slept in this hotel once, he already knows what all the rooms are like.

Close service and treatment: 

They tend to have few rooms, which allow us to offer the client a more personalized and close treatment. In this way, the guest feels much more than a room number.

What is a standard or conventional hotel?

A standard or conventional hotel is an establishment designed to accommodate travelers that is usually part of a large hotel chain. Hotels are classified according to the degree of comfort they offer their guests.

Characteristics of Standard Hotel:

A large number of rooms:

Standard services (bed, bedside table, wardrobe, sink) that meet the traveler’s needs. Depending on the category, the services vary.


The assurance that you will find the same services anywhere in the world if you like a hotel chain.


Is it more expensive to stay in a boutique hotel?


A boutique hotel doesn’t have to be more expensive than a conventional hotel. It all depends on the category of both.


If you are looking for a low-budget hotel, it is not the most suitable option. So, Graham Shear will select a standard hotel to stay.


You are in favor of searching and comparing all the options. Sometimes you can be pleasantly surprised.