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Worthily Films: Mariya Evtimova Reviews on Waiting for Time

Mariya Evtimova, the Production Design HOD at worthily films, presented her expressions about the first short films by Worthily Films.

What excited you to work on “Waiting for Time?”

I was very excited because this was my first project after the pandemic. I did not work for about three months and a half month and so hours beyond excited while looking at the crowd, and you know to be in like in this draining environment. The environment was liking making me so happy.

I was also so excited that work with all these teen people like The Bashford Twins (Liam Bashford and Kyle Bashford), the Producer (Chelsea Leigh Macleod), and the Executive Producer (Steve Dodsworth) was a great experience. All of them like were incredible people and came from different backgrounds and contributed in a different way for this project. So, the thing all of us coming together and putting this effort trying to make it happy in different ways.

Our efforts make this whole project happening absolutely in an amazing way. Of course, film making on super 16mm was pretty exciting. It is the second project that I am doing in a film, and it was always great to see how everything comes out after.

What do you love about the script?

The script was very well written, Paul Chronell is an amazing scriptwriter, but the thing that stays will be the most was the basement and what was happening there. What I was really in considering that everything was good.

What is going to happen now? There were so many options going on in my head, like so many scenarios of how this story can continue to end. So, for me, the basement was one of the most important sets throughout the entire film. It was amazing how we can make this such a different setting and layout of the vision to stand out from the rest.

What factor inspired you to be part of Industry?

Probably, when I was a little care, I decided fascination with how films are produced, how everything works, and how these different worlds are created. I remember watching the mummy when I was fascinated and was always set on how they will build.

I was asking my Mom about filming either in Egypt or was in the sand like we were shooting in a studio, and everything was looking so real to me in the film.

What are your Ambitions?

My ambitions are to keep on working hard and learning skills and perfecting them. We tried to work on different production and project as much as possible to get experience. The thing in this industry is that it is like team working and everyone helps each other.

I wanted to share my experience and knowledge as well on the set. So, I love learning, and I love to keep on growing and for having this thing, I every year looking back and seeing more projects. It was all about getting my goal and desire in the Industry.