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Lack Of Resources In Catalan Schools, Leader Of Podemos In Madrid And Bal

Course start with fewer resources in Catalonia
At the beginning of the summer, the Minister of Economy of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Jaume Giró, announced that he was giving up trying to carry out the Budgets for this year, and that he was already working on the accounts for 2022. As expected, this new budget extension (The Government has been there for five in ten years), it has its consequences. In fact, there are already complaints in the Catalan educational field about the problems that the lack of up-to-date public accounts will entail.

“Among the teachers it is said that this course will continue to be very complicated due to the problems that the Covid continues to pose and the absence of new Budgets prevents them from addressing them properly,” they say in the educational world. It is also said that the complaints have already reached the Ministry of Education. But neither the counselor Josep González-Cambray nor anyone on his team have provided solutions to the teaching community. In fact, it is rumored that they have hinted that they cannot do anything “in the face of Giró’s refusal to even negotiate the 2021 Accounts.”

The long vacation of the leader of Podemos Madrid
After the poor results of 4-M, the leadership of Podemos in the Madrid Assembly fell into the hands of Jesús Santos, who does not precisely take advantage of the showcase that the regional hemicycle represents to gain notoriety. On the contrary, they say that Santos has not presented any parliamentary initiative since the legislature was resumed. This null activity of the also deputy mayor of the Alcorcón City Council cannot be extrapolated to the other nine members of Podemos in the Madrid Assembly.

Especially in the case of Vanesa Lillo, belonging to Izquierda Unida, who stands out with more than 120 initiatives presented. The null contribution of Santos already generates comments in the purple formation. Some already speak of “the long vacations” that the leader of Podemos in Madrid is taking. ” To counter Isabel Díaz Ayuso it is necessary to make yourself heard. It is not enough to attend the plenary sessions, “they recall from Podemos.

Bal maintains contact with his judicial past
Edmundo Bal has not forgotten his past as a state attorney after his leap into politics. In fact, the Citizens deputy maintains contact with his former colleagues from the judicial world. This same week, for example, they say that he has been seen chatting animatedly in a cafeteria with the judge of the National Court, Eloy Velasco.