Rooster pecked woman to death in 'rare' attack, report says

Rooster pecked woman to death in ‘rare’ attack, report says

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An Australian woman has died after a rooster pecked on a vein in her left leg, as per a latest case report.

According to the report, the woman, 76, was collecting eggs in her house when an aggressive rooster pecked at her left leg. The pecking resulted in the woman collapsing due to a major hemorrhage. She died eventually, with a post-mortem report later revealing 2 tiny cuts on the leg, which includes one on a huge varicose vein.

The doctors said that the severe loss of blood from the injured varicose vein post the rooster pecking resulted in the death of the woman. Although such attacks are considered to be rare, but this case demonstrates that even a small domestic animal can inflict fatal injuries in a person if particular vascular vulnerabilities are present, wrote the authors of the report.

Any of the superficial veins in our body might become ‘varicosed’, meaning enlarged or twisted. However, these are most often found in legs. However, these are most often found in legs. Varicose veins are caused typically by weakened or damaged valves; however there are many risk factors which may be responsible as well.

The physicians might suggest leg elevation, exercise or wearing compression stockings to avoid pain or worsening of the varicose veins.

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