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Six reasons why Hertfordshire is the best place to live

ertfordshire has several small and medium-sized towns and villages that are located along the southern end of England. Herts offers almost everything to its residents. Among the many places in England, Herts is considered to be the best place to raise families as there are many schools in the locality. Some of the country’s most popular historic cathedrals and tourist spots are found across different parts of Hertfordshire. Residents of Herts can enjoy various leisure activities like indoor golf, cinemas, bowling arenas, trampolining and more. There are many restaurants and pubs scattered across the place that is popular among residents.

The property market in Hertfordshire stays at the top year after year for the constant demand from families and overseas investors. Various residential developments, equestrian facilities, country homes are quite popular among residents. People looking for the right place to buy or let a property in Herts can take the help of Collinson Hall estate Agents in St Albans, Watford and other counties. Detached homes with backyards and gardens are the most popular forms of properties available in this region. Most of them approach estate Agents in Hertfordshire to grab the best deals over properties. 


Hertfordshire is the perfect place that comprises both urban and village atmospheres. Although it is located in the southern part of England, different parts of London are easily accessible from here. Hertfordshire never fails to bag the top position in the list of best places to live in the UK. The wide range of award-winning open spaces like Stanborough lakes, Fairlands Valley Park, local gardens and parks is the best place for people to go for a walk or a nice weekend getaway. People can easily find the best properties for sale in St Albans, Harpenden, Hitchin, etc. for the desirability factors. 


Most families prefer one of the best countryside regions in England and to live and raise families in Hertfordshire. Despite being on the outskirts, residents can experience all the perks to enjoy a happy stay at Hertford. There are many properties to rent in St Albans, Bishops Stortford, Watford and other places to enjoy the best of Hertfordshire. The scenic beauty of lakes and open spaces add charm to this place. People moving into Herts can enjoy the calm neighbourhoods and the canopy of trees while having access to all other amenities like workplace, entertainment and commutation networks.


Commutation is never troubling at Hertfordshire. Choosing the railway network will take people to Central London in less than twenty minutes. Many trains have direct connections with Kings Cross, Moorgate, and other prominent parts of London. While, the underground lines are the fastest mode of transport that is connected to a wide range of places in London like Camden Market, London Eye and beyond. Most locals take the bus services available around the clock as it is a convenient mode to reach nearby regions. Not to mention the many significant airports located in the vicinity from where visiting Europe is effortless.


People of Hertfordshire are blessed with everything and never go short of any facility. With 99 independent and state schools, families with children can pick according to their budget, education standards and locality. Healthcare is very much accessible and affordable at Herts. The quiet shopping centres at Herts are easy to stroll around, unlike other crowded markets in London. The number of pubs, cafes and restaurants are high and famous for the sumptuous foods they offer. The market places open daily to provide the best meals, freshly harvested vegetables and a lot more.


There are many hotspots at Hertford that attracts people in all aspects. Historical wonders and remains like the Roman city wall in St Albans, Berkhamsted castle ruins, St Albans Cathedral are not to miss when living at Hertfordshire. Chiltern Hills, Open-air museum, Go Ape high wire adventure is some of the weekend getaways for families to enjoy the best of Hertfordshire. Not to miss the Lavender fields at Hitchin, where people can pick lavenders from the farms, buy different products and enjoy local food from nearby cafes.


According to a recent survey, Hertfordshire ranks first in the list of best places to live in 2021. Hertford ticks all the boxes required for leading a peaceful routine. People can experience a balanced lifestyle and breathe the fresh air from the open spaces. There are plenty of job opportunities available for people at Herts, and it is also known for having the highest weekly income. They constitute the majority population in this region. Hertford is highly desirable for those planning to lead a private life with excellent life expectancy rates compared to other parts of England.