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5 Health Benefits Of Senior Apartments

Few people want to leave their homes before they have to, but when the time comes, senior apartments are a fantastic way to retain autonomy and freedom. They come with a range of health benefits too, here’s a deeper look at them.

#1 Better air quality

Good air quality and a controlled temperature are important at any age, but even more so for seniors. Respiratory diseases thrive in cooler conditions since cold temperatures dry out mucus membranes. These membranes are responsible for getting rid of virus particles, and once they’re depleted, it’s much easier for viruses to attack. A home that’s too hot isn’t much better. Dehydration, lightheadedness, and even fainting are all symptoms of heat exhaustion. Senior apartments come fully kitted out with central heating and air conditioning, so they keep the temperature moderated throughout the year. That’s healthy for the body and the mind.

#2 Can help you exercise more frequently

Most senior apartments are in prime locations close to outdoor green spaces, including parks and woodland. Not only do these features make the apartments especially scenic, but they give you ample opportunity to exercise, potentially much more so than you might otherwise have done. Exercise is absolutely essential as you grow older. It’s been shown to boost cognitive function, lower the risk of falls, and keep joints supple, to name but three benefits. The close proximity of outdoor spaces encourages exercise, and many senior apartments are located next to communal areas like golf clubs and swimming pools.

#3 Decreased stress

A senior apartment eases some of the burdens of everyday life while ensuring that the occupant remains fully independent. Services like concierge, cleaning, and in some cases even laundry services mean that you’ll have more free time. Stress is a major cause of physical and mental illness. It’s been linked to everything from headaches to full-scale depression, but a senior apartment gives you time to relax, focus on yourself and think about what you want from life.

#4 Nutrition plans

This often depends on the type of senior apartment you move to and whether it’s part of a wider senior community. Most senior accommodation will offer some kind of meal planning and even a preparation service. These save time and effort, but they are also nutrient-dense and can help to keep you feeling healthy. Good nutrition becomes even more important as you age, and it changes. Older bodies require a different nutrient balance, and dietary professionals know exactly what to prepare. If you have an underlying health condition, then that nutrition plan becomes even more important.

#5 Safe facilities

Safer facilities fall under the heading of “preventative measures.” Injuries can occur around the house, with stairs being a major flashpoint. Many senior apartments cut out the stairs altogether, and others include a stairlift for additional peace of mind. Features like walk-in showers, non-slip (non wax) floors, shower seats, and lever handles on doors all bolster the safety credentials of senior apartments. If something does go wrong, senior apartments come with round-the-clock alert systems to get help fast.