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Best Tips to get the best price for your house

It is a very well-known fact that selling a home is physically, mentally and emotionally straining. This process does not happen overnight and acquires so much groundwork even before beginning to think about selling the property. It is even difficult for those who are planning to sell their property for the first time. The easiest way to sell a property is by taking the help of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Kay & Co estate agents in London. 

Many things can go wrong if not done the right way. Plenty of easy mistakes can be committed by property sellers that can be avoided if they are aware of the entire home selling process. People usually sell homes if they are shifting to another city or upsizing/ downsizing their current home. The property market in London is a thriving one with the forever demand for both old and new properties across the city. Kings Cross estate agents are reliable enough and can effortlessly sell the property at a great market price. The bargaining part will be taken care of when hiring an estate agent. It is not easy to get the best price on an existing property, especially those homes that are older than a decade. Before getting into this giant property cobweb, the sellers should know what the criteria to fix a price tag on their property is.  


London’s property market keeps fluctuating from time to time. Keeping a constant check on the properties for sale in Kings Cross and other parts of the city will provide a clear picture of the current property market. Comparing the property prices in the existing or immediate neighbourhoods will help the seller fix a price range on their property. When comparing the nearby amenities, size and age of the property, the prevailing condition should be taken into account. The selling price also depends on the type of property- Georgian and Victorian townhouses, chic flats, penthouse etc., are some types existing in London that the investors and buyers desire. 


Most people buying a home in London do it as a means of a long-term investment. These investors look on for neighbourhoods and properties that give higher rental yields. According to the rental returns, the selling price should be decided to get the best price on the property. By this, the properties to rent in Kings Cross and other parts of London will have a fixed price from the seller. On this basis, the seller can enjoy maximum profits from their properties. While setting a property price, it should be fair for both the seller and the buyer. Unusually high prices will see no purchasers and will be dormant for a longer time. On the other hand, beginning with the market price might lure in more buyers and chances of bidding might take place for them to get hold of the right home.


The field of real estate is a cakewalk for experienced estate agents in London. They will know the right price for the property in a particular neighbourhood of London. Pricing a little bit higher than the market value can be tackled by the estate agent by bargaining to get the best price. Agents hold the information of the selling prices and renting price range of different properties across different neighbourhoods, which will come of help in the initial phase. Hiring the right agent plays an important role in the selling process. Working with a pro who is outspoken and frank about the property and the requirements to avoid unnecessary arguments.  


Many sellers would make minor renovations to make it look anew to achieve a higher selling price of a property. The most popular way of a makeover is painting the entire home with appealing colours. A thorough cleaning of the home is the first step to improve the visible charm of the property. Post cleaning, painting the walls followed by minor repairs will enhance the overall looks of the property. Revamping the property is the last option and is done only when the property is dormant for a longer time or sellers want to quote prices that are a bit higher for their property.


Properties in London always have a demand for the increasing number of overseas investors. Although property prices seem to fluctuate at times, waiting for the right moment to sell the property plays a crucial role. When the selling prices gear up in the market, owners can use this moment to sell their property in a hassle-free method. While many sellers opt-in Spring season compared to other times of the year as the ideal time to sell homes. Winters are very slow and do not see many sales.