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5 Cool Man Cave Accessories That’ll Make Your Friends Jealous

A man cave is a sanctuary where all things that are man take place. It’s one of the only rooms in the house – outside of the pot – that a man can get some much-needed alone time to indulge in the activities he loves most. The past couple of years have been rough for everyone, except for the men who were prepared with decked out man caves.

 These are the men who are always prepared, the men who rose to the top of the pack while others skidded down the ladder. Which group did you fall into? Were you one of the men who achieved glory with an epic man cave or the guy who fell short? Regardless of where you’re at on the man cave totem pole, your eyes are about to open up to a fascinating new world.

It’s time to unveil the epic man cave accessories that need to be on your radar to upgrade your cave. 

1. Pressurized Growler aka Mini Keg 

Nothing says that you care more than a mini-keg full of your favorite beer. Whether you’re chillin’ alone or hosting a few friends for an epic game day gathering, a pressurized growler is the way to go. Currently, most of these handy-dandy vessels are available in 64 oz sizes. 

However, NutriChef offers a 128 oz version for men who sport beer bellies with pride. When choosing a pressurized growler, be sure to look for one that’s made of high-quality food-grade stainless steel that’ll stand the test of time.

Lastly, if you decide to venture outside of your man cave with your favorite brew on hand, you’ll be the hit at any party or family gathering when you show up with your own personal keg of goodness.

2. Massage Chair

When choosing a throne for your man cave, why settle for anything less than the best? When choosing a recliner, why not go with a recliner that sports massage functions? And not those cheesy massage chairs that only vibrate hard enough to relax a mouse.

Instead, check out a classy zero-gravity massage chair with all the bells and whistles. After all, a good massage chair should last you for years until it must be pried away from your body to replace it with a better one.

When you’re ready to make the upgrade of your life, Massage Chair Bliss is the first place to look to choose the best massage chair to match your budget. There, you’ll discover your top options and a bevy of features, including shiatsu massage techniques.

Ultimately, a massage chair is the recliner of your dreams and the perfect throne for any guy who’s serious about his man cave.

3. NFL/NCAA/Superhero Wall Decal

Every man needs inspiration, and what better inspiration than your favorite player looking pumped up on your wall? Think of a life-size removable wall decal of your favorite player as the mascot for your man cave. Any time you need inspiration or to get pumped up, just look to your favorite player for some motivation.

Plus, there’s a little bit of superstition in all of us, and your favorite player is there to bring you good luck. Finally, the clear leader in the wall decal department is certainly Fathead. Fathead has been in the decal game for a while now, and the Fathead selection is top-notch.

They offer decals for every major sport, video games, and even your favorite superheroes, so there’s absolutely no reason for you to skip over adding the perfect mascot to your cave.

4. Revolving Liquor Dispenser

No man cave is complete without a bottle of bourbon. A revolving liquor dispenser makes it easy as pie to pour your favorite drinks on the rocks or neat without spilling a drop. Plus, your buds will enjoy the fact that your dispenser gives them several options to choose from.

On game day after your team wins, there’s no way better way to celebrate than with a round of shots of the good stuff. That means, you have the option to reserve one bottle in the dispenser for winning days only because every man needs a special reserve. 

Plus, another huge plus is the fact that you have one-handed control over pouring your spirit of choice, and nothing is more convenient than that.

5. Countertop Ice Machine

This list wouldn’t be complete without the cherry on top, and that cherry is a countertop ice machine. The whole point of a man cave is to have everything you need in one place. This is essential to keep the positive energy flowing without interruption. 

To avoid unnecessary trips to the kitchen or having to rely on a cooler to keep your ice, instead, choose a countertop ice machine. These nifty devices go into action only when you need them, and they produce better ice that you might imagine. When your friends arrive and see one of these, they’ll be on their computers the second they get home to buy themselves one. 

Also, if you’re a fan of the soft chewy ice from your favorite fast food joints, there are ice machines that make this type of ice in the comfort of your own man cave. Your man cave bar will never be the same once you add your own ice machine.

Wrapping Up

A man cave is a place of sanctuary, where men can be men without worrying about what others think of them. It’s a place where freedom of speech will always exist. It doesn’t matter what you or friends say because your friends are your friends for life. And one of the greatest things about friendship is the unbreakable bond of trust that blocks outside disturbances like a champ.

When you add these classy accessories to your man cave, you shoot up the ladder as the one in your circle of friends with the best man cave. As you already know, building the best man cave is an unspoken challenge amongst friends, and it’s a reflection of who you are. Use these accessories to take your man cave to the next level.