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Top 5 Ridiculously Expensive Mansions Owned by NBA Stars

NBA Stars are known for their luxurious lifestyle and buying all kinds of expensive stuff that they probably don’t need. Most of the professional players in the national basketball association have multi-million dollar contracts, which enables them to buy ridiculously expensive houses with pools, waterfalls, air-conditioned dog houses, courts, and much more.

In today’s article, we will highlight some of the most expensive mansions that are owned by the best stars in the NBA betting odds.

John Wall

It seems like John really wanted a big house, which explains his $4.9 million purchase of a 17,000 square foot mansion with 8 bedrooms and bathrooms. This is probably one of the largest houses out of all NBA stars and that’s not even the biggest ‘wow’ factor of this purchase.

The highlight of this house is the waterfall swimming pool, outdoor grilling center, a six-car garage, personal gym, and of course a basketball court.

Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard made his wealth playing for the Huston Rockets which enabled him to buy this huge waterfront mansion estate. This mansion is located in Longwood, Florida, and he originally bought the house for $7.78 million.

However, the house market crash ended up lowering the value of the house, and Howard never fully recovered in terms of the mansion’s price.

The mansion is 11.000 square feet and includes 7 bathrooms, 5 bedrooms, a professional kitchen, a pool room, a cinema, and a swimming pool.

Dwayne Wade

It seems like Miami Heat’s teammates are still hanging out since Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh bought mansions really close to each other. Dwayne Wade decided to buy a $17.9 million house after looking at more than 50 houses on the market.

The mansion is located on LaGorce Island and features a Mediterranean-style house that screams‘ luxury’ every way you turn.

It includes 8 large bedrooms, a tennis court, 9 big bathrooms, a wet bar, a separate guest house, and of course a basketball court.

LeBron James

The king needs his castle, which is why LeBron purchased a 30,000 square foot property that has 19 rooms including 6 bedrooms, a recording studio, 8 enormous bathrooms, a bowling alley, a home theater, and even a casino.

Since he is one of the most successful NBA players of all time, earning close to $40 million only from salary, and a lot more from sponsorships and promoting products like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and Gatorade.

That’s why he decided to build this mansion from the ground up which cost him around $9.2 million.

As his career path changed, his appetite changed too. Later he was looking for an upgrade and purchased a $50 million mansion that is located in the Coral Gables community.

Chris Bosh

NBA superstars base their living on their career. In other words, they are not stationary in one place and often sell their properties just because they signed a contract with a different team. That’s why most NBA players decide to rent properties instead of buying them.

We have the same situation with Chris Bosh which put his mansion up for sale after he signed a five-year contract for $118 million with Miami Heats.

That’s why we should pay attention to the latest NBA trade rumors 2021, we never know when his the next player to score a contract like this.

He sold his $14.5 million property which is a massive 10,000 square foot located at the top of California Highlands.

The villa has a breathtaking view of Topanga Canyon and the Pacific Ocean, as well as six large bedrooms, eight full bathrooms, a full-size gym, and many new features. He even offered the mansion for renting for just $45,000 per month.

Final Words

These are some of the biggest and most expensive mansions owned at some point by NBA superstars. The list goes on and on, as many new players now earn a lot of money per year, which they intend to invest in real estate.