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How to Make HMO Property Designs to Prevent Spread of Coronavirus

HMO Property Designs

HMO Property Designs

HMO Property Designs are now a very common form of rental property. You should be aware of the HMOs because their trend is on the rise. If you are an investor then HMO is an intelligent way to invest your money, as it has huge financial advantages and it is also in demand. HMO is considered as the rental form in which three or more tenants live together and share basic facilities such as the bathroom, toilet, kitchen, and living room. Together, they live in a single household. This household is basically just like a family living together. The residents are mostly not related to each other and they live in separate rooms. Couples usually share HMO and sometimes student shared accommodation may be there.

In these difficult times of medical emergency, when lives are at risk because of coronavirus, it is very important to take precautionary measures in all set-ups. Whether you are an owner or you live in shared accommodation, you should be aware of how to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Follow the measures listed below to prevent the spread of coronavirus in your HMO building.

Promote Clean and Hygienic Environment
You should make sure that the HMO is clean and there is also no contamination because contamination is a source for the spread of coronavirus. You should regularly disinfect surfaces such as a table, chairs, and other household furniture.

Install Disinfectant Tunnel

You should install a disinfectant tunnel in HMO. The disinfectant tunnel protects against viruses, bacteria, and fungi and it is harmless. The disinfectant tunnel would disinfect anyone coming from outside whether he/she is a member of the HMO or is a visitor. You can also use it to disinfect any object or goods. This good and intelligent step is likely to reduce the spread of the virus.

Promote Hand-Washing and Other Hygiene Related Measures

You should promote hand-washing. This can be achieved by displaying posters that show steps of proper hand-washing.  You should install sanitizing hand rub dispensers for the residents and refill them regularly. You should also keep check and balance, if there are any visitors then they must follow the necessary protocols to avoid the spread of coronavirus. Visitors must wear a mask. Visitors must not be allowed to visit if they show any coronavirus-related symptoms.

Precautions for Elderly Residents

Elderly residents must follow all precautions strictly. Elderly residents or any ill resident who is more prone to coronavirus and has weak immunity must wear a face shield mask and they should avoid physical contact with anyone to prevent themselves from coronavirus. In case of any mild fever or flu, they must urgently inform the doctors and they must completely isolate themselves from others.

Avoid Parties/Meetings

You should ensure that the HMO is never over-crowded. You should not allow residents to throw any party or call guests for dinner, meetings, or any sort of event. It should be strictly forbidden as too many people in a single place at a time increase the risk of the spread of coronavirus.


If the government implements lockdown, then make sure that the residents do not leave HMO unless necessary. If any of the residents show any symptom of coronavirus then he/she must isolate himself/herself and avoid physical contact with anyone.

Residents Who Return From Travelling

If a resident returns from an area where coronavirus is spreading, make sure they monitor themselves for 14 days, and if they develop mild cough and flu then they should avoid physical contact with anyone and self-isolate themselves.


You can also ask the residents to get the vaccine of the novel coronavirus. The vaccine is the only solution. However, as there could be side effects of the vaccine so this decision must not be forced.

Other Measures

Keep a check and balance of all the residents. The residents should follow all the rules and regulations. If any resident shows a careless attitude then he/she must be warned and if still the resident fails to follow the rules then proper action must be taken against him/her. Ensure that the residents follow all the SOPs of coronavirus i.e., they maintain social distancing and keep a distance of 6 ft from each other, avoid physical contact with each other, and wear masks while going outside. On returning back, they should disinfect themselves, and wash their hands for 20 seconds.

With all the above precautions, you can ensure that the coronavirus does not affect the people living in your HMO Property Designs.