Home Property How to redecorate your house on a budget?

How to redecorate your house on a budget?

There are several ways that you can improve the look of your house without spending much money. The most popular are:

  1. Painting
  2. Windows
  3. Upcycling
  4. Headboards

We have all been spending a lot more time at home recently, a trend which is set to continue. Naturally, this has led to many of us starting to fall out of love with where we live. Luckily, there are ways to redecorate our homes, whilst keeping the price down and completely changing our house’s design. We Buy Any House have listed some tips to give you the inspiration to redesign your home and maximise its selling value.

  1. Painting

Painting is the most popular way to redecorate, and usually what homeowners will turn to first. In terms of first impressions, painting can have the most significant impact on the look of a room, is relatively inexpensive and is something which you can do yourself.

Painting a room allows you to express your personality and choose from the many colours and styles available to you. You can get great inspiration from looking on sites such as Pinterest. Feature walls are very much in fashion now, along with creating your designs in frog tape and painting over it.

If you have rooms that are a bit dark and do not get much natural light into them, you can pick a bright colour to make them feel much more welcoming. If you want to make your house stand out as unique, you can turn to more daring colours!

Research and planning can get you excited about your redesign, so take some time researching what colours and patterns you want. Consider the current layout and furniture in the room to ensure your colour scheme compliments this and fits with your house’s overall theme.

If you want to visualise what potential colours will look like on your walls, you can download Dulex’s paint colour visualiser app for your phone. The app enables you to upload a photo of any room in your house and see what various colours look like before buying them.

  1. Windows

The idea of replacing your windows can be intimidating, due to the cost and effort involved. However, you can improve the windows you have by upgrading them, rather than completely replacing them. Adding roman blinds, or decorative curtains to fit with the colour scheme of a room will boost your windows’ appearance at a low cost.

If you want to go further with this, you can look at window films. These are great for rooms that you would like some privacy in, without making the room darker. For this reason, films are popular in downstairs bathrooms. You can pick from all sorts of designs, and they are easy to update if you want to change them in the future.

  1. Upcycling

Upcycling has come back with a bang recently, and you can see collages of brilliant examples of how this has been done shared on social media. Having more time available means that upcycling is a great way to quickly upgrade your house without spending money on new furniture.

Most people have furniture in their house that they believe could do with a refresh but are not sure how to approach it. Many helpful videos on YouTube show you how to do this step by step, and you will not believe that they are the same piece of furniture!

Repainting your kitchen cabinets or reupholstering old chairs are two of the most popular areas homeowners look to improve. Upcycling is brilliant because you can personalise it to your taste and have the satisfaction of knowing that you have achieved the new look yourself.

  1. New headboard

A headboard can make not just the bed, but the entire bedroom look completely different. What is great is that there are easy ways for you to get a stunning headboard for a low cost by creating it yourself. This is an excellent project if you want to do some of your own interior design. Sites like Pinterest will give you great inspiration for potential designs.

A decorative headboard will add life to your bedroom, and you can match it to the colour scheme you have picked out for your decorating. Whether you prefer a plain wood or like to add some style with crushed velvet, you can find a stunning headboard design for you to create.

Redecorate your house can be done on a budget if you do your research and are happy to carry out the work yourself. Repainting is a great place to start, and then you can look at expanding out to some of the other areas we have covered above. A great thing to do is to take before and after photos of your rooms so you can see the results of all your hard work.