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Incorporating Gold into Your Interiors

Looking for ways to incorporate gold into your interiors whilst maintaining a chic, elegant aesthetic? Well, gold is a colour that can be used in many different ways in the home and can really help to enhance the overall décor. Gold is a very popular trend in the world of interiors right now and whether you’re looking to add subtle accents or bold statements to your home, it’s a colour you know is going to bring the character and style you want to achieve a glamorous look.

Fabric and Paint

Many people struggle when it comes to finding the right shade of gold, especially when it comes to the paint and fabric choices. There are so many stunning fabrics available to choose from, with gold detailing, or an overall gold tone that will bring life to your furnishings. Similarly, you can opt for a stylish gold paint or wallpaper to create that statement look within the home, whether you opt for a bold feature wall or a subtle shade of gold to draw the room together perfectly. From curtains and cushions to edging and statement walls, your gold fabric and paint is a great way to incorporate the colour into your home without having to make huge changes to the overall décor.

Hardware Detailing

You often find that it’s the intricate details in the home that help to bring that chic aesthetic. Gold is the perfect finish to use for the fine detailing such as hardware, as not only does it stand out beautifully, but it also compliments a lot of core interior colours that are popular throughout many decorative styles. There are lots of ways to introduce gold hardware throughout the home, from stylish gold handles and knobs in the kitchen to chic gold curtain poles in the living areas.

Image Source: Buster + Punch

Lighting Fixtures

Having the right balance of lighting throughout the home is essential and with so many fixtures to work with, there is a huge opportunity for the addition of gold to your interiors. Whether you’re introducing a striking gold chandelier, or you have classic gold lamps, you can find some amazing gold lighting fixtures to really make your interiors pop and create a light, welcoming feel from room to room.

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Gold Accessories

Every home is extremely different, with personal style and interests taking the lead in how each room is decorated and presented. With this in mind, it’s important to think about your personal taste and what key accessories you need in order to create interiors that are suited to you. Once you’ve identified key accessories, such as scatter cushions, artwork and soft furnishing like cosy throws and so on, you can look to invest in quality pieces with a gold finish to help enhance that design style and incorporate the colour into your décor.