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5 ways to Protect Your kids at different ages

A lot of people wonder how to best protect their children at each stage of their development. From infancy through the teenage years, children face different dangers and require different degrees of adult supervision.

A lot of our child protection tips are universal; these tips will help you keep your child safe no matter where you live. But make sure to put time and thought into finding a way to protect your kids at different ages based upon your particular situation.

Warn them about risk factors

Protecting your children from harm should be every parent’s priority. Whether threats come from strangers, the people your kids know, or even from themselves, you want to be aware of all the risks. And you always want to give your child as much protection as possible.

The key to being a good parent is to provide your child with the information, skills, and support so they can stay safe. Take some time to explain the dangers around them, like abductions, drug addictions, inappropriate behaviour, etc.

Schedule screen time limits for kids and devices

Screen time limit scheduling is a great way to limit your child’s screen time. It enables you to set out the exact times that your children will be able to use their screens. This limits the amount of time they spend on their mobile devices.

Screen time limit scheduling for kids and devices means you can control exactly how much time your children spend in front of any device, such as computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Whatever the age of your children, making sure they spend some time away from the TV and computer screen will benefit them in more ways than one.

Monitor what they are doing online

Monitoring what your kids are doing online is more important now than ever before, especially when it comes to social networks. In the past, it was enough to just be aware and make sure your children’s profiles were not public. But now, in light of all the recent child abductions, cyber-bullying, identity theft, and online predation, it’s important to know what they’re up to online.

Keep in touch with their school

Being in touch with the education facility or the school that your children are studying in will keep you in the loop if there is something that concerns them. To do this, it is important to set a good communication plan.

Encourage them to speak up

Teaching your child to speak up against abuse, neglect, and violence is one of the most important things you can do to keep them safe. Encouraging children and youth to talk about their experiences, however difficult, can help them feel less isolated and more hopeful. The same should be encouraged when it comes to mental health, as learning to speak up and understand when you’re struggling at a younger age can greatly help you as you get older. If they don’t see you as a source of comfort, support, or protection, they may be uncertain or fearful about coming to you with a problem.


We can create the perfect environment for our kids, but we have to constantly remain mindful of their safety. As our children grow up, new and different situations and circumstances arise.

Knowing how to protect your kids at different ages can be very useful. It’s important to know that even as a parent, you cannot control everything around your child. But you can certainly keep them safe from any danger they may face when they grow up.