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About Symtomax

Symtomax, based in Portugal, is currently developing the largest medicinal cannabis cultivation facility in Europe. The company is dedicated to the cultivation, production, development, processing and distribution to the global pharmaceutical industry of high-quality, medicinal-grade cannabis oils designed to treat a number of conditions and symptoms of both physical and mental health.

Outdoor Cultivation

The benefits of a site that facilitates outdoor cultivation are immense. When grown outdoors, the costs of production are lowered by as much as 70%. There is also far less energy consumed during the cultivation process. Estimates from Bloomberg suggest that as much as 9% of the household electrical energy consumed in the state of California comes from indoor cannabis cultivations.

There is also potential to deliver far larger amounts of the crop in a single harvest. The current Symtomax site spans 105 hectares dedicated to the cultivation and production of cannabis, benefitting from the ample sunshine and rich, fertile soils of the Alentejo region of Portugal.

Human Resources and Partnerships

Not only does the physical site have plenty to offer in terms of agricultural advantages; Portugal also has a robust employment market full of people with the expertise to be able to leverage pharmaceutical research and development across the country.

Portugal also provides unrestricted access to other members of the European Union, helping to deliver products tariff-free to all member states where the medicinal version of the plant has been legalised.

Symtomax has formed strategic partnerships with industry-leading teams in the research and development sector, as well as those that are best placed to ensure customers have clear access to the products they require.

Finally, Symtomax has the full backing of the Portuguese government, which supports the medical cannabis industry.

Medical Cannabis

Medical cannabis refers to the process of treating symptoms of illnesses and other health conditions using extracts from plants from the cannabis family (or the whole, unprocessed plants). Studies have shown that cannabis can help treat a variety of conditions and alleviate many symptoms of illness.

It can be used to help patients with epilepsy, HIV or AIDS, and certain forms of cancer. It can also be used to help battle mental health issues such as depression, by stimulating the release of dopamine into the brain. The right cannabis extracts delivered at the correct dosage can help maintain physiological balance and optimal health.

Patented Oral Tab Delivery System

Symtomax has developed a patented oral tab delivery system for the administering of medical cannabis, which will remove some of the risks associated with ingesting cannabis through methods such as smoking or vaping. This unique delivery system has been developed as a joint venture with GCanrx and is expected to enter the market in 2020.

The innovative layered system adheres to the inner cheek wall and can be adapted to deliver timed, measured doses in line with the health requirements of each patient. The proprietary technology can be set up to deliver small doses at regularly timed intervals, or an instant dose of cannabinoids.

European Union projections forecast that the market for cannabinoid-enriched products will reach or exceed 1.5 billion euro by 2023.