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Topic: What Is A Hair Transplant Graft?

When experiencing hair loss or thinning hair that can lead to bald spots, undergoing a hair transplant is one of the most effective solutions for a permanent result. Providing all-over coverage to restore your hair’s natural look, this form of cosmetic surgery is extremely popular with medical tourists looking to save money on the treatment. Understanding the various terminology used for this type of surgery is important so that those looking at a hair transplant in Turkey can fully understand the process and be fully informed before travelling. One of the most common terms is a ‘hair graft’ and you will hear this used by a consultant when assessing your hair loss. Here, we’ll explain what exactly is a hair transplant graft and does every patient have the same amount?

Calculating hair grafts

A hair graft refers to an area of a patient’s skin, whether it be on their scalp or other parts of their body, where healthy hair follicles grow that is marked for transplant. The strip of hair is marked on the donor area ready for removal to create the graft and is then surgically removed. Most commonly for a hair transplant, a graft is taken from the back of the head where there is still healthy growth. The size of the graft can contain between 1 to 4 hair follicles, meaning multiple hair transplant grafts will be needed for the average patient. The technique to remove the hair grafts can vary and will depend on the clinic you use and the extent of your hair loss.

During a consultation, a doctor will assess your level of hair loss and recommend how many hair grafts will be needed. Using a hair graft calculator, you’ll be able to estimate how many grafts are required on average for certain areas of your head, such as the front of the scalp. Most hair transplants will require up to 4000 hair grafts with each graft containing up to 4 hair follicles, but this may be lower if you have a smaller area of hair loss.

Types of Hair Graft Transplant

There are two main techniques used to remove and transplant hair grafts that are offered by doctors and clinics. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) will remove a strip of hair by surgically cutting it from the donor area. This strip is then divided up to create the hair grafts ready for transplantation to the area of hair loss. This technique will leave visible scarring where the strip is removed and may leave some discomfort post-surgery. The other technique is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) where instead of a strip being surgically cut, the hair grafts are removed individually from the donor area. This is performed by precisely removing the hair follicles and then implanting them in the area of hair loss, leaving minimal scarring. This technique can also be performed using sapphire blades instead of steel for higher accuracy.

The number of hair grafts used during an FUE or FUT hair transplant will vary between patients as individuals will have varying amounts of hair loss. The technique recommended to you will depend on which will provide the most natural-looking results overall and how many healthy hair follicles you have. Most people will have between 5000-7000 hair grafts suitable for transplanting, meaning plenty of healthy hair follicles to achieve the desired aesthetic. As with any cosmetic surgery, undergoing a thorough consultation before having hair transplant treatment can ensure the number of hair grafts required is accurate for your needs and will leave you as informed as possible.