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Why you should be ditching the doughnut for the office fruit basket in 2021

Many of us are (finally) starting to return to normal. One of the major shifts back towards normality will undoubtedly be a switch back to working at least some of your days back in an office environment instead of from your living room. While some people might be looking forward to a re-separation of the home/life balance one can’t deny the fact that the office can be a tired and stuffy environment. The glare of computer screens and halogen lights cast a ghostly glow, and with people working in close quarters, it’s easy for nerves to be trodden on and for germs to spread (we all know the co-worker for whom tissues, hand sanitiser and masks seem to be a lost technology).

When office staff are looking for a quick pick-me-up, the office vending machine or another pot of coffee might seem like obvious answers. However, if you want to maintain a happy, healthy and productive balance, then a more colourful option is by far your best bet.

We’re talking about fruit, baby!

While sugary snacks or a shot of caffeine may perk people up instantly, soon enough they will crash and start feeling groggy, tired and less inclined to work. Such slumps usually happen around mid-morning and again around late afternoon. You can combat this by providing your office staff with delicious fresh fruit baskets, filled with nutritious and wholesome fruits that encourage alertness and productivity.

Office fruit baskets can help ensure that every member of the team is kept healthy and happy with a range of quality seasonal fruits. Office fruit can help staff combat a slump in productivity throughout the day.

The importance of a healthy work environment

Creating a healthy work environment is crucial, but oftentimes people don’t consider how their work environment may be impacting on their health. Fruit is especially important, as it’s full of vitamins and minerals that can help boost your immunity as well as your mood. Health and nutrition is increasingly valued in workplaces across the UK, as companies that support their employees’ wellbeing are more likely to benefit from increased job commitment and better staff retention. Introducing fruit to the workplace is a visible sign of your commitment to the health and wellbeing of your staff, and it instantly helps to make staff feel valued and appreciated. You can read more about the benefits of office fruit in this case study.

Munching on healthy fruit means that you’ll always have a fresh and nutritious snack within reach without ever needing to leave your desk. Having this easy access is crucial as we’ll subconsciously defer to the easy option. This works for drinking water too – keep a large jug by your desk to top up your glass and see how much more you consume compared to having to make round trips to refill.

Easy access to healthy snacks will soon garner a boost in productivity, mood and happiness levels and taking these initial steps towards a healthy work environment will undoubtedly provide the whole team with a better outlook when it comes to their job, which will have positive repercussions for the entire business.

And if you’re still not convinced about the benefits, take a look at the awesome chart below that shows the vitamin breakdown of many common fruits you would find in your basket. This comes courtesy of reddit user /u/Houses_of_Nick originally published here.