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Post-surgery Precautions for Dental Implant

Losing teeth can be normal as people age. Dental implants are the perfect for this kind of problem. This is a treatment that is used to preserve the aesthetic oral view. Dental implants look and feel you’re your natural teeth. Aside from allowing you to chew and eat your food normally, dental implants can also help in preserving the structure of the mouth. You can make sure that the remaining teeth will not be moving from their normal position. 

There are different stages in completing the whole dental implant surgery. From the removal of the damaged tooth to bone grafting and insertion of implant, there is a need for the jawbone to heal. The healing process will include the post-surgery phase. To help you heal faster, here are some of the post-surgery precautions that you need to consider:

Do Not Touch the Implant Area

Just like any surgery that you may take, you will always need to take good care of the dental implant. Touching the implant area may cause infection especially if your hands are not clean. Be very careful in moving your jaw and even in chewing. This is the best way to let it heal. 

Maintain Proper Oral Hygiene

It is very important to consider proper oral hygiene while you are in the healing process. The tissues that can be found around the implant must always be clean for it to be able to recover. Avoid practices that can cause infection because this may cause the failure of the implant. Always brush your teeth but do not touch the implant. Aside from brushing, you also need to rinse your mouth using warm water with a pint or salt to help remove food debris after eating. Do this for the whole week after the procedure. 

Give Up Smoking and Alcohol

It is recommended that people who have dental implants must stop smoking. After the procedure, you must not smoke for two months. This is because of the negative effect of nicotine to the blood vessels that may lead to infection. 

Aside from that, you are also not allowed to drink any alcoholic beverage within 72 hours following the procedure. This is because alcohol can stop or slow down the blood vessel formation. When this happens, the implant will not be fused well with the bone. 

Avoid Damaging Habits

There are some habits aside from smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages that can make the whole process a failure. This includes chewing hard items. You should not chew on hard candy or ice. If you are grinding your teeth, you should also consider being treated for that. This way, you will avoid having broken crowns. 

Follow the Right Diet

A week after the surgery, you are not allowed to eat hot food or drinks. You should keep the surgical site hydrated but do not let liquid sit on it. For the first day following the procedure, you should be drinking fluids that are cold or just around room temperature. And finally, you should not be eating crunchy or hard food. It is recommended that patients should only eat soft food after any operation. But do not forget that you should also be eating food packed with nutrients because the body needs it. 

Get Proper Rest and Sleep

In terms of healing, the body needs enough rest and sleep. The tissues in the body only heal while you are asleep. This is why you should not be lacking sleep after the procedure. You will realize that you will become stronger and the implant will heal faster if you try to get enough sleep. This is why you should maintain 8 hours of sleep. Aside from this, you should also avoid vigorous exercises and physical exertion for a whole week. Giving your body enough time to rest is perfect in providing it with the right amount of time to heal. 

Use Ice Packs to Help the Swelling

You should expect that there will be bruising and swelling in the gums and face after the surgery. The best way to deal with this is to put an ice pack on that part in your face that is closest to the affected area. Place it there for 15 to 20 minutes. Repeat this within 48 hours following the surgery to avoid inflammation. 

Schedule a Check-up Visit

Professional cleaning and other important advice are needed even after the surgery. This is why you need to visit your dentist regularly. Scheduling dental checkups will help in the proper functioning of the implant and in maintaining your oral health. Implant failure also happens when patients do not adhere to the regular check-ups that are scheduled for them. This is why it is important to schedule a check-up visit and stick to it until the implant has already healed. 

Dental implants are permanent solutions to your teeth loss problem. Unlike other treatments, you can ensure that you are getting the best out of your money when you consider this. However, you have to be cautious when it comes to the healing process. Following the different tips for post-surgery precautions is vital.