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How Our Facial Features Change As We Age

As you get older, your face characteristics typically lose their firmness and definition. Taken into your hands rather than allowing nature and age to make your beloved features appear less stunning, take the matter with you and use prevention tips and anti-ageing treatments. Such age-erasing treatments like Botox Dysport is known to be an effective jaw reduction treatment as recommended by experts. You can learn more about this Botox face slimming treatment through this informative post.

The jawline is the bottom edge of the face that divides the jaw and neck. A well-defined jawline can be reached at any age to help you be younger and healthier. A slowing lower face or a jowling that causes jawline loss is an indication of facial ageing and also has a major effect on the appearance of an individual. The perioral wrinkles, nasolabial folds and the marionette lines contain other normal less facial issues. These skin issues are due to a combination of bone resorption, a decrease in tissue elasticity, a downward redeployment of fat and a decrease in tissue gravity as we age.

The Eyebrows

The eyebrows may be maintained with protective steps, as opposed to other parts of the face. It would be best if you started to use Botox Cosmetic in your 20s and 30s to help alleviate the definition of your brows as you age. Botox is inserted into the tail and midsection of the brow, the simplest way to enhance the appearance. Brows with high looks leave your eyes tired. However, when the brow reaches the top of a third and a pleasant arch, the eyes are open and new. 

The Eyes

When the impact of ageing starts to occur, the eyes may look tired. Excessive skin folding over the lower eyelids below the lower eyes or loose skin under the eyes offer ageing appear on the face. Although your eyes are not changing in shape and scale, changes are taking place in your eyelids, the front and the upper cheeks. The eyes look more oval, smaller and less almond-like, hollow and less expressive. 

Having your skin well hydrated around your eyes is vital because the area stays clean and smooth. But injectors and fillers will reverse when sacks, dark circles, lines and wrinkles are issues. Botox softens the muscle pull to eliminate wrinkle formation.

The Nose

It’s not rare to see big changes in your nose as the ageing process changes. Nasal tissue atrophies over time, and may also soften the internal structures of the nose. The nose will begin to look bigger and wider as the face itself appears as it shrinks inside. The nose tip may also begin to fall. If you are looking for longer-lasting results, you will need a nasal procedure when injecting, and filling can be used in some patients to create the appearance of a smaller nose or a slight elevation of the tip.

The Lips

The lips get aged due to a tone and volume loss. Vertical lines over the red section of the lips are the first symptoms of ageing lips and indicating volume loss. The lips do not totally change their appearance by their form or size, but they can be less pale. The lines are darker, and consistency becomes lost as lips begin to mature. Hyaluronic acid fillers must be used to rejuvenate the lips until major volume loss occurs. 

The Jaw

The trick to a young jawline is that it is sharp from the jaw to the neck at a right angle. We lose this angle as we age. When the skin and tissue begin to fall, this is when jowls start to happen. The filler will soften the pre-jowl area. A skin tightener may offer a slight tightening if the tissue is good. But the only cure if the issues are serious loose skin and severe jowls. When the skin sags in the jaw area, a complete facial lifting of the neck is required to repose and tighten the jawline and neck.

What Are My Treatment Options To Improve My Skin?

Below are some of the therapies that might be of interest to you. 


Threadlift is a discrete and non-invasive alternative to a facelift. Threads for repositioning face tissue and facilitating a continuous stimulation of collagen fibre are used in this treatment. This treatment thread is made of components which are biocompatible and absorbable. Such products were used for many years as an instrument for stitching cardiovascular surgery. It’s safe to use.


Pumping the lips and cheeks with filler treatments is really helpful. It is also popular to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. There are various kinds of fillers available. Collagen, hyaluronic acid and fat are the most widely used. The deeper layers of the dermis are inducted to sculpt the targeted region. These filler substances

Due to their non-invasive operation, filler treatment is considered one of these safe and easy treatment methods. In order to obtain best results daily, follow-ups and multiple therapy sessions may be needed.


Thermage is an FDA-approved non-invasive therapy using rf energy for the lifting of the skin. In order to facilitate the development of collagen, the heat supplied from the device enters many skin layers. This method tends to ease wrinkles and overtime to improve firmness and appearance.