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Ways To Relieve Symptoms Of Tingling, Pressure, Or Swelling In Legs

Tingling, swelling in or around the ankles, tiredness or pressure. These are some of the most common symptoms of the feeling of tired legs , a condition that can make our day to day difficult and directly affect our quality of life.

This feeling of heaviness in the legs is due to a problem of venous return so that the blood flows normally . This condition becomes even more complex with age or hormonal changes and is usually more common in sedentary people

The key is hydration and diet
Adopting a series of lifestyle changes , such as diet, can help relieve symptoms associated with tired legs. On the other hand, there are various natural remedies that can be combined with other therapies to reactivate circulation and prevent venous insufficiency.

As explained from the Normon Laboratories , one of the basic remedies is hydration, both of the body and the skin with moisturizers. A tip after spending many hours standing or sitting in the office during your workday is to “lie down and raise your legs” on the sofa or the wall to promote “the return circulation of blood in the lower extremities to the heart”.

Diet is key to avoid this feeling, since being overweight or obese favors its appearance. Thus, you have to maintain a diet “rich in fiber, low in salt and saturated fat (butter, red meat) and try to drink between 1.5-2 liters of water a day to promote blood circulation,” they add.

Likewise, experts recommend regular sports practice to “avoid leg swelling and fatigue.” Some activities that can be practiced are swimming or cycling , while it is advisable to avoid exercises with weights in the legs.

Try a cold water bath
After bathing or taking a shower, it is recommended to pour cold water on the legs to reduce this feeling of heaviness. “Massaging the legs is also a good option to relieve fatigue.” In fact, you should avoid hot baths or the use of saunas, for example, as they will worsen the swelling.

Those people who spend long periods on their feet due to their work are at greater risk of developing this discomfort. For this reason, it is recommended “to alternate the weight of the body from one leg to the other or to bend the knees a little”. In addition, many specialists advise that wearing compression stockings can contribute to the relief of heaviness.

Plants with medicinal properties for tired legs
Phytotherapy can be another alternative to reduce the feeling of tired legs because some plants contain flavonoids and other compounds that contribute to improving blood circulation.

One of those recommended by Arkopharma Laboratories is the ‘ginkgo biloba’ plant , which can be taken as an infusion or capsule. It has traditionally been used to “improve memory and concentration, combat cellular aging, and improve blood circulation.” The ‘witch hazel’ is another plant with beneficial properties for the circulatory system by improving venous return and protecting blood vessels and capillaries.