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What is A DHI Hair Transplant?

When dealing with hair loss it can be a challenging time filled with confusion and often insecurity as to why your hair is falling out. However, there are several cosmetic procedures out there for you to choose from to help you to tackle your hair loss in the best possible way. In this article, we will be providing you with insight into why the DHI hair transplant is right for you.

Why Choose A Hair Transplant?

With the general stress of everyday life and several other variables all leading to the increased potential of hair loss in the future, there are several reasons why someone may want to choose a hair transplant to help eliminate insecurity. Whether it be a FUT hair transplant, an FUE hair transplant or several other hair transplant services, they can all help to remove a receding hairline and encourage healthy hair growth in the future.

What Makes DHI Hair Transplants Different?

A DHI hair transplant is different from that of an FUE and FUT hair transplant as it requires a precise tool to remove each of the hair follicles individually from the donor area and place it into the affected area at the front of the head. This technique is used to not only streamline the process but also reduce the amount of scaring following the procedure as each whole is only 3mm in diameter. In addition to this, the DHI hair transplant allows the doctor to control the depth as well as the angle that the hair is implanted for the most natural look.

How Long Is The Recovery Process following a DHI Hair Transplant?

The actual time that you spend in surgery when having a DHI hair transplant can differ depending on whether you are having it done privately in the UK or through one of the many  DHI hair transplant Turkey clinics, however, it will typically take around 8 hours with a healing process of between 12 to 18 month to see the full effects of the hair transplant and the way that your new hairline is set to be and how it will naturally grow with the rest of your existing hair.

What Are The Benefits Of DHI Hair Transplant?

The benefits of this style of hair transplant are the way that the area is likely to heal much faster with a more natural finish to the overall look of your hair. In addition to this, the small incisions in the head make for a much smaller donor area with significantly less scarring as a result. This is what makes this style of hair transplant so popular with those that are only looking for a small number of follicles to be moved as it helps to keep the hair grow to look natural.

With this in mind, several benefits can come from using this style of hair transplant, all of which will provide you with the perfect natural-looking hair growth that you would come to expect from a procedure such as this.