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Aspects Of The New GHIC Card

Brexit has finally happened and with it has come to a new GHIC card with a new set of rules. Though this will not affect a majority of those that still have a valid EHIC card left over from the old scheme, those that are looking to apply may wonder, which is the difference between the new GHIC and the older EHIC cards. In this article, we will be providing you with insight into every aspect of the new GHIC card.

What Is An GHIC Card?

On the 31st December 2020, the UK finally left the EU after a grand total of 4 years of negotiations following the referendum vote and with this comes a new set of regulations under the deal that was reached just before Christmas. With this came the introduction of the brand new GHIC card as a replacement to the older EHIC scheme under the EU rules and regulations.

How Is It Different To The Original EHIC Card?

With the introduction of this new card comes the question of what is the actual difference between the two. Besides the name change to the Global health insurance card, it still provides you with the same treatment at state-run hospitals in Europe and a reduced cost for medication the same as the original EHIC card. Despite having global in the name however, the GHIC card only works in Europe and can only be used in those countries that accepted the previous EHIC card. This will make sure that you have the card should you need it and can use it should you need to be treated.

Does The Traditional EHIC Card Still Work?

If you are an EHIC card holder and it is still in date it is important to note that this card will still be accepted when you are travelling to Europe. However, when it comes to applying for another card, you will be required to apply for a GHIC rather than the traditional EHIC card. The GHIC card application process is exactly the same as the old card and will take approximately 2 weeks to arrive from when you have ordered the card to when it will arrive through your letterbox.

How Will It Impact Travelling Moving Forward?

Though it is important to have this card with you when travelling, it is also just as important to have travel insurance and other paperwork organised when travelling. Though this is a time-consuming process, this is now more important than ever before as Covid continues to have a huge impact on the ability to travel around the world this year. By having the EHIC card on hand, this is an added level of security for you and your loved ones when you are travelling and can simply be kept in your purse and pulled out whenever you need it.

With this in mind, there are several elements that you need to consider when you are looking to apply for your new GHIC card in 2021. When will you be starting with your GHIC applications?