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Best Free Horse Racing Tips

When it comes to watching horse racing, it falls on the 26th. However, it is the third most popular sport to bet on in the United States. Saying that most people watch horse racing only for betting wouldn’t be wrong.

Some people do betting for fun, while others are serious about winning. If you fall in the latter category, you have come to the right place because we have the tips to help you succeed.

Follow these racing tips to increase your chances of winning the bet. So, let’s go through the tips together!

01 – Do Your Homework

One of the best tips is always do your homework before the bet. Thousands of individuals stake millions of dollars on horse races every year, yet only a small number of them do any research before picking a horse to bet on. Even a quick peek at the race schedule before placing your wager can significantly increase your chances of winning.

To begin, you need to familiarize yourself with the race’s history. The race time and location, and course distance will be listed at the top of the racing form. It will next go over the requirements for entering the competition as well as the race’s classification.

You can find out what kind of track is available at each place by doing a fast internet search. If you wager on several races, you’ll quickly figure out which venues have dirt tracks, which have turf, and which have both.

The rest of the form guide will tell you everything you need to know about each of the horses in the race. Horses are typically grouped according to the number they will wear throughout the race. There may be a number in parenthesis to the right of that number that denotes the horse’s draw. Their starting position in the stalls is determined by the draw. Some locations offer advantages and disadvantages, so keep that in mind when picking a horse to bet on.

The jockey’s shirt colour will be displayed next to the numbers. Some individuals enjoy betting on a horse with a rider dressed in their preferred colour. That’s OK, but since the hue isn’t a predictor of who will win, this is only useful for when you’re watching the race.

02 – Shop the Odds

Shopping the odds is a simple technique to boost your overall payoff, and it works for almost any wager, not just horse races. However, it does not work in pari-mutuel betting because there is no way to control the pool size. If you’re going to use fixed odds, you might as well get the most bang for your buck.

You can start shopping the odds once you’ve decided which horse or horses you want to wager on and what type of bet you want to place. To figure out the odds for a particular wager, check a range of internet gambling sites as well as the on-course bookmaker. Then choose the option that provides you with the best probability of winning.

At first glance, shopping the odds may appear to make little difference. On each wager, you might only make a few extra dollars. However, if you gamble regularly, those few extra dollars will rapidly pile up. It is worth spending a few extra minutes conducting a short search, but it is not worthwhile to check every potential website.

After a few visits to those sites for a few different races, you’ll notice a trend of which sites consistently offer the highest odds. You can devise your own technique, relying on only two or three sites for most of your wagers. You should also think about the perks that each site offers.

If one site offers odds that would earn you an extra $5, but another offers a $15 bonus, go with the higher-paying site! Almost every online sportsbook will give you a welcome bonus if you sign up for the first time. However, some of them will also reload bonuses or other unique offers for your following wagers. When you lose, they profit; therefore, rewards are a simple method to recoup some of that profit.

03 – Bet on Different Races

Another tip is you should go for multiple bets, but not every bet is for you. This technique is based on simple probability: the more times you place a wager, the greater your odds of winning. You are already a far better gambler than the majority of the public if you bet on many races. If you look at the overall amount spent on horse race gambling in a single year, the Kentucky Derby accounts for almost 70% of that total.

Many Races

Although the Kentucky Derby is the most famous horse race in the United States, it is far from the only one. It is, in reality, the Triple Crown’s first race. You’d still have two more chances to win if you only bet on each of the Triple Crown races individually. The Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes are the three races that make up the Triple Crown. Only twelve horses have ever won all three events in American horse racing history.

Betting on the races leading up to the Derby is another way to bet on many races. There are 35 races taking place all around the world. Each race’s fastest four horses get points, and the twenty horses with the highest points at the finish qualify for the Kentucky Derby. That’s an easy way to gamble 35 times before betting on the year’s greatest race, and each of those bets will help you get to know the horses who will compete in the Derby.

Multiple Types of Races

It is great to broaden your horizons and try new things as the more you do, the more you’ll learn. Same is the case with horse racing. Betting on different types of horse races is the ideal method to widen your horse racing gambling horizons.

Flat racing is the most popular racing. It is a one- to three-mile race in which thoroughbred horses compete on a flat track. In the United States, dirt tracks are the most common, but most other countries prefer turf.

The National Hunt, often known as jump racing or steeplechasing, involves horses jumping over hurdles on their way to the finish line. These barriers could be simple stumbling blocks or a combination of fences, trenches, and water.

The next type of horse race, endurance racing, is dominated by Arabian horses. These are long-distance races that generally range from 50 to 100 miles in length. Some of them even take many days to complete. Endurance races are traditionally held on a trail established by the racing organization rather than on standard tracks. The path can go through any terrain, but it must be off-road for 90% of the time.

On the trail, all-natural barriers like ditches or water are marked. Although it is a fascinating sport, few people have the attention span to follow such a long race, making it one of the least popular sorts of horse races. You don’t have to watch the entire event to place a bet on the winner and perhaps win some money.

Harness racing is another interesting type of racing. In a sulky or two-wheeled cart, horses pull their jockey. It’s essentially a modernized version of ancient chariot races. These races are less about speed and more about horses trotting at a set pace for a lengthy period of time. Horses can be trained to slow down and let the competition pass them by if they speed up to a gallop.

Quarter horse racing is the shortest horse racing, with horses competing for a quarter mile or less. The many sorts of horse races can be compared to running. Flat racing is the equivalent of a 5k run, endurance racing is the equivalent of a marathon, and quarter horse racing is the equivalent of a 100-meter dash. The All-American Futurity is America’s most well-known quarter-horse race.

04 – Maintain Your Bankroll

Addition to the tips – keep track of your funds! Make a spending plan! Keep a check on your money! The necessity of bankroll management cannot be overstated. It is something that every bettor, regardless of what they are betting on, should learn.

You must first have a bankroll to manage it. Don’t merely deposit money into your bank account and expect it to appear later. Check your financial status before you start betting. Be sure that you have enough money saved up for groceries, rent, and bills. After you’ve calculated how much money you’ll have leftover, decide how much you want to save and how much you’re willing to risk.

Your bankroll is the amount of money you’re willing to risk. Putting it in a different account or withdrawing it in cash will make it more likely that you will not spend more than that amount. People who lack self-control are exploited by bookmakers or online sites that make it all too easy to access additional cash via an ATM, a credit card, or a simple digital transfer. You will be less inclined to overspend if you start with a limited cash supply.


We hope that you find these racing tips interesting and useful. Best of luck for the next bet on horse racing.