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How Taking Practice Tests Help You Ace The Series 7 Exam

As students, we’re all taught to study prior to taking a test to increase our chances of getting a passing grade. And although our studying techniques may differ from one another like using flashcards, highlighting important words in books, and watching tutorial videos, one effective method that experts suggest is by taking practice tests, especially if you’re going to take a certification exam like the General Securities Representative Exam or Series 7.

But why taking practice tests should be a part of your test preparation arsenal? And how will it benefit test takers to achieve better results?

Learn more as we’ll discuss this topic about how taking practice tests help you ace the Series 7 exam in today’s post.

Practice Makes Perfect

If we look into the habits of actors, musicians, and sports athletes, you’ll immediately notice that practice is ALWAYS a part of their preparation. In fact, this is their secret why they are successful with the things they. And you can apply this technique when taking an important exam like Series 7.

So here are the reasons why you need to take practice tests before taking the actual Series 7 exam:

  1. Gets You Familiar With The ‘Flow’ Of The Exam

Practice tests allow you to get the feel of the actual exam before the scheduled date. In a way, it helps condition your brain to get into the flow of things so you won’t succumb to the pressure. Aside from that, practice tests help you get accustomed to the exam dynamics which lets you develop a test-taking strategy that works best for you.

  1. Identify Knowledge Gaps

In any test, examiners will always stumble upon specific segments which can be hard or challenging to analyze. And this is where practice tests will come in handy because it lets you determine these sections where you have knowledge gaps.

Now that you have identified these thought-provoking portions, you can easily adjust your personal study strategy to address accordingly these potential problem areas before the actual exam day.

  1. Build Stamina

Licensure exams usually take 2 to 3 hours to complete. In the case of Series 7, it’s 3 hours and 45 minutes. And taking an exam for many hours can be both physically and mentally draining. Good thing taking practice tests helps build test-taking endurance so your body and brain won’t feel exhausted while sitting and staring at the test paper for a couple of hours.

  1. Eliminate Anxiety

Emotions can make or break you in the actual exam. So taking practice tests more often helps you alleviate any stressful and tensive feelings that might otherwise ruin your composure and lead to a failing mark. While it’s pretty normal to feel a bit nervous, taking several practice runs will condition your mind and body to still be in control of the situation despite the pressure of taking a high stakes test.

  1. Track Your Progress

Finally, going through practice tests will let you keep track of your progress discover your strengths and weaknesses. And the more you take it, the more you’ll get familiar with the concepts. Therefore, increasing your chances of getting a stellar score because most of the pieces of information that you need to know are already instilled in your brain.