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Lindsay Lohan Posts New Bail SCRAM Drama

Lindsay Lohan Posts New Bail SCRAM Drama – Lindsay Lohan appears to be in trouble again. Just weeks ago she was issued an alcohol detecting anklet after she missed a court date. The judge had stated that she thought that the star’s excuse that she had lost her passport and could not get back into the country was a false one.
And added that she felt that the actress had spent her time abroad partying too hard, and thus missed her court date.
Over the weekend her ankle monitor alarm sounded while she was at an after party for the MTV movie awards. It is not clear what set the alarm off, but the authorities are alerted when the device is tampered with or when the person wearing the anklet drinks, or otherwise consumed alcohol.

A warrant for her arrest was issued as soon as the alarm went off, stating that she was in violation of her conditions for bail. Because of the violation, her previous $100,000 bail has been revoked. The actress posted a second bail of $200,000 shortly after the incident.
Since the time that the incident occurred lawyers for Lohan have gone back in for a closed door session with the judge. Lohan was not due back until July 6, and was not required to appear at the latest court session.

TMZ reported that the anklet showed a small presence of alcohol in her system. Perhaps she took a drink during the after party? Lohan has since denied that she did anything wrong, and stated that she thought that the anklet should not have picked up anything. Lohan stated that the reports were wrong, and that the alarm for the SCRAM anklet did not go off at all.