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Twitter Chooses Our Most Loved (and Hated) Chores

The internet has a strange fascination with cleaning. While not every household cleaning task is enjoyable, there is no shortage of satisfying deep-clean videos on the internet. From pressure washers on driveways to little laundry hacks, some chores are better than others. Users of Twitter appear to agree.

Using an algorithm that measures how kindly Twitter users have reacted towards a variety of household chores, Miele, the washing machine and tumble dryer manufacturer, has revealed which cleaning task we enjoy doing the most—and which ones we enjoy the least.

Miele reviewed over 11,000 tweets, each relating to one of 27 cleaning categories including sweeping, ironing, and cooking. Each tweet was then measured for its sentiment and given a score of 100—identifying how positive or negative the tweet was. A score of 100 means the chore is very popular and 0 means it is not liked at all. Collating the data, the company was able to calculate which chores were perceived favourably by the public, and which were not.

Forewarning — some tweets contain all the spelling mistakes you may expect from Twitter. It seems some people’s English doesn’t polish as well as their tables.

Here, we look at the results.

Setting the scene

The most popular household chore, according to Twitter, is decorating! The data revealed that Twitter users overwhelming love decorating their house. Whether that’s putting up seasonal ornaments, hanging pictures, or splashing some paint over the walls, giving your home a makeover appears to be universally popular.

The activity achieved a sentiment score of 66—the highest score compared to every other category. The result is unsurprising when considering what the chore can mean to some people, especially during seasonal events.

One twitter user, @Love_Ale96, wrote: “I love decorating the house for Holocene and Christmas… Christmas especially because it makes me feel happy and because it was my moms favorite holiday”.

The nostalgia and memories of decorating her house for the holidays reflects on the experience with her mother. It’s clear this chore can be very meaningful.

For others, the payoff of decorating is worth it. @InTheFranXX, or Mel, says: “javi and i finished decorating our house and it looks so good…. i’m so happy. aaa.”

This shows that the burden of chores can be shared and, most importantly, enjoyable. There’s something satisfying about a freshly decorated house, as Mel demonstrates her enthusiasm.

While decorating edged the lead as the most popular chore, it was followed closely by filling the dishwasher on 65 points, and fitting light fixtures and cooking on 64 points.

Top 10 Most-Loved Chores

RankChoreSentimentality Score
2Filling the dishwasher65
3Light fixtures64
5Cleaning the oven57
6Polishing windows57
7Polishing glasses57


Not a popular dish

While there were clearly winners of the favourite chore prize, some other household cleaning activities did not fare so well. Struggling for favour in last place was washing dishes with a score of 33. This is despite filling the dishwasher sweeping in at second place.

It appears that the inconvenience of washing dishes by hand is far too troublesome for Twitter users.

The distaste for this chore was quite aptly summarised by @OceanSofti, who posted: “I hate washing the dishes XD”.

Clearly, the sentiment here was low. However, not all users agreed with this idea. Another user, @J2Comfy, reflected on his appreciation for cleaning: “is it weird that i like washing dishes and hoovering?”

It’s fair to say that this user recognises the unusuality of enjoying this chore, asking if it’s weird rather than declaring his own enjoyment of washing dishes.

How to enjoy cleaning

For the categories which achieved low scores on the sentiment scale, there appears to be some disparity between people who enjoy certain chores and those who don’t.

For example, tweets that had low sentiment scores in the drying clothes category have one common theme. Most people complain that their clothes take too long to dry, or that they’ve left drying them too late and need a fresh and clean outfit as soon as possible.

One laundry procrastinator, @jenniferdaclown, says: “My clothes is not drying 😩 I’m tired and it won’t dry. Why did I do laundry lye at night knowing I can’t stay awake this late 😔”.

Clearly the loud rumble of the tumble dryer isn’t ideal for Jennifer. The sentiment is related to the machine and not the process itself. For @catsfile, the process is just too long: “waiting for my clothes to finish drying so i can wear my new outft”.

The biggest problem with chores is that they take too long, and in this case the length of time to dry is the biggest barrier to enjoying a chore which requires very little effort. This can easily be solved by using quality appliances and looking after your devices properly. For example, newer tumbles dryers can be more efficient and dry your clothes in a shorter period of time. Even then, cleaning out your lint tray will dramatically reduce drying time.

Chores don’t have to be a hassle. Certainly, having the correct tools do the job will always make life easier, but the payoff of completing a satisfying cleaning task can make your day. If you don’t enjoy your chores, just make sure that you have the right tools, know the right technique, and think about how much better your life will be when it’s done.








How to Host the Perfect Family Picnic

Summer, newfound freedom, and socialising – three things we’ve been eagerly and patiently waiting for this year. With pandemic restrictions lifted, there’re plenty of outdoor activities we can dive right into.

Picnics are a great way to connect with nature while spending some quality time with your loved ones. Whether you fancy a trip to a sandy beach or a remote part of the wilderness, you can lay down your blankets and set up your food and drink for great conversation and even better weather.

Here’s how you can host the perfect family picnic.

The goods

Apart from the scenic location, food and drink are among the most important considerations. Tasty finger food and picnic bites will transform any picnic into an unforgettable event. While you should include easy nibbles for the kids, such as sandwiches, sausage rolls, and crisps to keep their energy up while they venture off and play, pack something a bit more sophisticated for the adults. Think salami, mozzarella, smoked salmon, prosciutto, and stuffed tomatoes – whatever makes it extra special for yourself, family, or friends.

Along with food, you need fantastic drinks. For teetotallers, there are plenty of exciting soft drinks available out there beyond the usual choices – think ginger beer, rose lemonade, cloudy lemonade, and cherry cola. For the adults looking for a tipple, bring a spirit to complement these fizzy drinks or your favourite bottle of cava to enjoy in the gleaming sun. Juice and water will be great to keep the children hydrated too.

The location

Picnics are about spending quality time with your loved ones and unwinding away from the hustle and bustle. If you’re out away from home, make sure you check the weather so there aren’t any nasty surprises. If you’d like to avoid itchy midge bites the next few days, avoid boggy and damp areas and hotspots near lakes, as you may find when the sun starts to settle, you’re among a swarm of annoying and nippy insects.


If you’re taking the kids, consider their needs too. Will they want a playground to run around in or sandcastles to build? Can they happily sit and interact with adult guests, or do they want to go on adventures of their own and come back covered in mud stains? Pack activities for yourself and your children, such as a football, frisbee, or racket sports equipment to have some quality family time.

Music is great in all situations too, so don’t forget to pack your speaker. Be mindful of other picnickers if you’re playing music outdoors though – not everyone wants to eat their sandwich to BTS.

Who loves to picnic the most?

We examined regions in the UK searching for picnics over the last year, looking into searches per 100,000 people.

Surprisingly, Newcastle-upon-Tyne had the highest picnic-related searches at 564 per 100,000 people, and London came last with 269 searches per 100,000 people. It seems that Newcastle is making the most of its enviable picnic spots – popular places to picnic in the city include:

  • Paddy Freeman’s Park
  • Jesmond Dene
  • Heaton Park
  • Tynemouth
  • Exhibition Park
  • Leazes Park

For those in London who are looking to ignite the trend of picnicking and are curious as to where to lay down that tartan blanket, the best places to picnic are:

  • Primrose Hill
  • Kew Gardens
  • Richmond Park
  • Crystal Palace Park
  • Holland Park
  • Victoria Park
  • Battersea Park



What To Do When Children Vomit Medicine?

Many children end up vomiting the medications that their parents give them. This causes them to not be assimilated and can be a problem. But what could be the causes that lead children to return the drugs? These can be diverse, although in most cases they are not serious.

Causes why children vomit medicine
One of the main reasons children throw up medicine is because of the taste . Although many children’s medications have strawberry or orange flavors, this one is still artificial and unpleasant. Therefore, children may end up giving back ingested drugs.

But, children can also vomit the medicines if their intestines are irritated , as indicated by the Spanish Association of Pediatrics (AEPED) . For this reason, it is convenient to take into account the pediatrician’s recommendations to take the medications with some food or use a stomach protector.

In the event that children only need to vomit one type of medicine, pay attention to this . They may be intolerant or allergic to any of its components, so the pediatrician must be informed of this circumstance immediately.

What to do when this happens?
When children vomit medicine (because it tastes unpleasant) parents are very doubtful whether to give another medicine again or wait. Pediatricians often agree that if children vomit the medicine immediately, a new dose can be given, since it has not been assimilated .

What if more time has passed? In the event that children vomit the medicines after 20 minutes, a new dose can be given, but only half . This is because part of the medication is supposed to have been assimilated, despite vomiting. Therefore, it does not have to be administered completely.

Child plays in an educational center.
The child Borja needed the most expensive medicine in the world … and he gets it for free in a laboratory raffle
Finally, if an hour has passed when the children vomit the medicines, despite the vomiting, it is understood that the drug has been assimilated and, therefore, it is not necessary to repeat the dose. In these cases, it is advisable to wait the time recommended by the pediatrician for the next intake.

Situations in which to go to the pediatrician
It is advisable to go to the pediatrician when, despite giving a new medicine after having vomited it up to the minute, children are unable to not return the medicine . Your pediatrician may recommend other options, such as a syrup or taking the medicine mixed with food or juice to see if this works.

Also, when children have this reaction only with a medicine it is important to mention it to the pediatrician . Perhaps you are allergic to any of its components and it is essential to know it as soon as possible to avoid unpleasant reactions. Thus, it will be avoided to prescribe drugs from now on whose composition is the ingredient that causes vomiting in children.

In the event that parents have any doubts about the medications that children vomit, before doing anything it is better to consult with the pediatrician. Usually, mixing the medicine with food or taking it in a different form (such as a suppository) can help .

Ways To Relieve Symptoms Of Tingling, Pressure, Or Swelling In Legs

Tingling, swelling in or around the ankles, tiredness or pressure. These are some of the most common symptoms of the feeling of tired legs , a condition that can make our day to day difficult and directly affect our quality of life.

This feeling of heaviness in the legs is due to a problem of venous return so that the blood flows normally . This condition becomes even more complex with age or hormonal changes and is usually more common in sedentary people

The key is hydration and diet
Adopting a series of lifestyle changes , such as diet, can help relieve symptoms associated with tired legs. On the other hand, there are various natural remedies that can be combined with other therapies to reactivate circulation and prevent venous insufficiency.

As explained from the Normon Laboratories , one of the basic remedies is hydration, both of the body and the skin with moisturizers. A tip after spending many hours standing or sitting in the office during your workday is to “lie down and raise your legs” on the sofa or the wall to promote “the return circulation of blood in the lower extremities to the heart”.

Diet is key to avoid this feeling, since being overweight or obese favors its appearance. Thus, you have to maintain a diet “rich in fiber, low in salt and saturated fat (butter, red meat) and try to drink between 1.5-2 liters of water a day to promote blood circulation,” they add.

Likewise, experts recommend regular sports practice to “avoid leg swelling and fatigue.” Some activities that can be practiced are swimming or cycling , while it is advisable to avoid exercises with weights in the legs.

Try a cold water bath
After bathing or taking a shower, it is recommended to pour cold water on the legs to reduce this feeling of heaviness. “Massaging the legs is also a good option to relieve fatigue.” In fact, you should avoid hot baths or the use of saunas, for example, as they will worsen the swelling.

Those people who spend long periods on their feet due to their work are at greater risk of developing this discomfort. For this reason, it is recommended “to alternate the weight of the body from one leg to the other or to bend the knees a little”. In addition, many specialists advise that wearing compression stockings can contribute to the relief of heaviness.

Plants with medicinal properties for tired legs
Phytotherapy can be another alternative to reduce the feeling of tired legs because some plants contain flavonoids and other compounds that contribute to improving blood circulation.

One of those recommended by Arkopharma Laboratories is the ‘ginkgo biloba’ plant , which can be taken as an infusion or capsule. It has traditionally been used to “improve memory and concentration, combat cellular aging, and improve blood circulation.” The ‘witch hazel’ is another plant with beneficial properties for the circulatory system by improving venous return and protecting blood vessels and capillaries.

Things a Lasting Power of Attorney Can and Can’t Do

If you’re wanting to look into appointing a power of attorney, or you’ve been asked to become someone else’s, this article will highlight the rights and responsibilities of one, as well as what they can and can’t do.

Firstly, what is a power of attorney?

Lasting powers of attorney can make financial and/or health decisions on an individual’s behalf.

There are two types of power of attorney, medical and financial. You can either sign up for both types of attorney or just one. You can also choose to appoint someone different for each or ask the same person to be your medical and financial POA.

It’s worth mentioning that you can have more than one power of attorney. They can work ‘jointly’ meaning they make all decisions together, or ‘jointly and severally’ meaning they can act together or separately. It’s also a good idea to appoint replacement attorneys in case something happens, and they can no longer act on your behalf.

When choosing who will be your power of attorney, you must have the mental capacity to make decisions for yourself. This means that you are in the right mind to understand the decisions you are making, why you’re making them, and what the outcome of the decision may be. They will then start to make decisions for you once you lose mental capacity.

Lasting powers of attorney are the most common type and don’t have an expiry date. You can choose for it to commence as soon as the document is registered or as soon as you lose mental capacity.

What powers of attorney can do

Essentially, powers of attorney can make decisions on your behalf. It’s entirely up to you what you want your POA to have the power in deciding. 

A health and medical POA can make decisions in the following:

Where the individual lives

– What they eat
– Who they have contact with
– Day to day care and routine
– Social activities
– Medical care including hospital care, home health care, etc.
– Can go against a doctor’s suggestions only if they feel it is not in the best interest of the individual.

It is important to remember that you can only make health and medical decisions as a power of attorney once the individual has lost mental capacity.

A financial POA can make decisions in the following:

Manage bank accounts

– Make property investments on the individual’s behalf
– Manage the person’s property eg renting it out, selling it, or buying property on their behalf
Maintain or repair their home
– Pay bills
– Claim benefits
– Purchase items they need

Power of attorneys can claim back expenses such as travel costs and postage if required, claiming it out of the individual’s money. However, they can’t claim fees for time spent doing their duties, apart from professional attorneys such as a solicitor.

All power of attorneys must act in the best interest of the individual. This means that they should make decisions they think the individual would make themselves.

What they can’t do

– Make changes to the individual’s will

– Give large financial gifts to others
– Pay yourself using their funds
– Make a personal gain out of being their attorney
– Make decisions that will restrict the individual’s freedom

Who can become a power of attorney?

When someone is appointed as an individual’s power of attorney, they usually know the person very well. This can include the following:

– A person’s husband, wife, partner, or civil partner
– A family member
– A friend
– A professional such as a solicitor

Make sure that whoever you ask is comfortable to act on your behalf and understands what they can and can’t do as a power of attorney.

Hopefully this has helped clarify the roles and responsibilities of a power of attorney. It’s always a good idea to plan ahead, especially if you know that your mental capacity may deteriorate in the future, so having a power of attorney in place can help bring you some peace of mind. You want to make sure that someone you trust is in charge of your future decisions, and a POA allows you to make sure that this happens.

On Writing a Heartfelt Sympathy Card

Grief does funny things to people. And it does funny things to people who are trying to express their condolences to those who are grieving.

When someone dies it can be hard to know what to say, or what to write. And it’s easy to say something that’s unhelpful, even with the best will in the world.

If you think writing a sympathy card is hard, you’re certainly not alone. And there are lists on the internet of some of the things people have said when trying to console someone’s grief, that in the cold light of day seem horrendous, but were said with helping in mind (‘… you have other children’. This is apparently a true story, but imagine seeing this as a bereaved parent?).

You may decide to send your card through the post or give it to the family at the funeral. Some cards are left on the funeral flowers, others are left in the chapel of rest. But possibly, it will end up being a public message.

This sense of publicity in itself can add pressure, but it doesn’t need to.

So, What Do You Actually Write?

Even when it comes to a simple work colleague’s birthday card, there’s just something about a card message that makes you feel you need to suddenly become a writer. But when it comes with bereavement it’s especially hard to find the words.

And if you’ve been on the receiving end of something that feels terrible, it’s worth remembering that the writer has probably struggled to find the right words and isn’t intentionally being insensitive.

A great approach is to be genuine. It will go a lot further than you think. If you don’t know what to say, say that. It’s honest and the bereaved won’t be expecting perfection, just that you made the effort says it all.

Other ways to get it right include:

  • Pick a simple card
  • Handwrite the message
  • Keep generic phrases out of the message
  • Share a happy memory and keep the message positive
  • Don’t focus on the sadness of the death or the circumstances of the death
  • Offer help, but don’t be vague (I can look after the kids whenever you need, instead of I’m here if you need me)

Don’t fret over it, just be genuine. And try to put yourself in their shoes. What would you like to hear at a time like this? Remember, if you don’t have the words it’s perfectly acceptable to say this.

You should never compare your experiences to theirs and you should never tell them how to feel and when they should be feeling it. Is it ‘for the best’…? That’s not something you should be deciding, nor should you be saying ‘at least…’ this, that or the other.

Phrases to Avoid

You shouldn’t be telling anyone how to feel or deciding when they should feel better. With that in mind there are a few phrases you definitely want to be avoiding:

  • It will get easier…
  • You will feel better soon
  • You should look forwards
  • (the deceased) was too young
  • It’s for the best/It happened for a reason

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, the circumstances will occur and writing a message in a sympathy card could be one of the trickier things you find yourself having to do.

But think along the lines of the famous anacronym KISS (keep it simple, stupid). You’re not expected to be a Nobel prize-worthy writer. It really is the thought that counts. Your message says you care, that you are thinking of the person, that you can offer support should they want it.

A simple line of honest thoughts is better than a bulk of generic text gleaned from an internet search. The right words will come when the time is right.

Employment Data Still Doped In Spain

The Government made an effort to present last month as the most positive August for the Spanish labor market. Undoubtedly, you can invoke in your favor the fact that registered unemployment showed a decrease of more than 82,500 people, an atypical behavior for a period in which the holiday season is nearing its end, which reactivates the dismissals and raises the number of unemployed.

On the side of registrations to Social Security, the Executive also assured that there is good news. It is true that the level of affiliates prior to the crisis already recovered before the summer , but it was still necessary for it to also return to pre-Covid levels in seasonally adjusted terms.

And it did so in August by registering 19.47 million workers. However, it is convenient to moderate the triumphalism in this section. Job destruction in the past month was again massive , with 118,000 fewer jobs registered compared to July, breaking the uninterrupted upward trend that began in February. In fact, the disappearance of jobs already extends even to the public sector, with 15,000 fewer employees.

Moreover, the membership data would be notably worse if the more than 272,000 people who continue to be subject to Ertes were not included in them. It is true that they are still contributing, but the fact that they continue in that regime a year and a half after the crisis began reduces any possibility of recovering their old jobs.

There are still more than 272,000 people subject to Ertes with already negligible chances of recovering their jobs

Already in March the Bank of Spain warned that these files lacked effectiveness after so long and will not recover it although, as everything indicates, they will be extended again from October. The employment figures, therefore, still do not reflect the real damages of the crisis in the labor market.

Lack Of Resources In Catalan Schools, Leader Of Podemos In Madrid And Bal

Course start with fewer resources in Catalonia
At the beginning of the summer, the Minister of Economy of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Jaume Giró, announced that he was giving up trying to carry out the Budgets for this year, and that he was already working on the accounts for 2022. As expected, this new budget extension (The Government has been there for five in ten years), it has its consequences. In fact, there are already complaints in the Catalan educational field about the problems that the lack of up-to-date public accounts will entail.

“Among the teachers it is said that this course will continue to be very complicated due to the problems that the Covid continues to pose and the absence of new Budgets prevents them from addressing them properly,” they say in the educational world. It is also said that the complaints have already reached the Ministry of Education. But neither the counselor Josep González-Cambray nor anyone on his team have provided solutions to the teaching community. In fact, it is rumored that they have hinted that they cannot do anything “in the face of Giró’s refusal to even negotiate the 2021 Accounts.”

The long vacation of the leader of Podemos Madrid
After the poor results of 4-M, the leadership of Podemos in the Madrid Assembly fell into the hands of Jesús Santos, who does not precisely take advantage of the showcase that the regional hemicycle represents to gain notoriety. On the contrary, they say that Santos has not presented any parliamentary initiative since the legislature was resumed. This null activity of the also deputy mayor of the Alcorcón City Council cannot be extrapolated to the other nine members of Podemos in the Madrid Assembly.

Especially in the case of Vanesa Lillo, belonging to Izquierda Unida, who stands out with more than 120 initiatives presented. The null contribution of Santos already generates comments in the purple formation. Some already speak of “the long vacations” that the leader of Podemos in Madrid is taking. ” To counter Isabel Díaz Ayuso it is necessary to make yourself heard. It is not enough to attend the plenary sessions, “they recall from Podemos.

Bal maintains contact with his judicial past
Edmundo Bal has not forgotten his past as a state attorney after his leap into politics. In fact, the Citizens deputy maintains contact with his former colleagues from the judicial world. This same week, for example, they say that he has been seen chatting animatedly in a cafeteria with the judge of the National Court, Eloy Velasco.

Razer’s New Ergonomic Chairs Use Ultra Soft, Spill-Resistant Fabric

Razer’s new ergonomic chairs use ‘ultra-soft’, spill-resistant fabric. They are cloth versions of the Razer Iskur. They offer a more luxurious touch and resistance to liquids.

Razer has presented an extension of its range of Iskur chairs, now with new options with fabric, much requested by users.

Although it is a brand more associated with gaming peripherals, Razer has expanded a lot in recent years, a strategy that has worked with a record of revenue, as confirmed by its CEO Min-Liang Tan to elEconomista.es . Not surprisingly, it also offers gaming chairs, and earlier this summer it introduced a cheaper version of the Razer Iskur .

Today, the company has confirmed the launch of a new version of the Razer Iskur, this time made of cloth by the demand of the players. There are two models, one normal and the other ‘XL’, but the only difference is in size. Both are made of ultra-soft fabric and perhaps more importantly, resistant to liquid spills, ideal in case we drop the soda while we play.

The new material also affects the feel, which Razer claims is more luxurious and smooth, but also durable and resistant to dirt, oil and water. Therefore, it promises to be ideal for everyday use. Otherwise, these chairs use the same ergonomic and postural support as the first Razer Iskur, including the new lumbar support for which it was praised at its launch.

Compared to the XL model, it is 15% larger than the standard, and therefore offers more space, with a higher backrest and a wider seat base, facilitating use by people up to 2.08 cm tall and 180 kilograms of weight.

The new Razer Iskur and Iskur XL cloths are available from September 2, at the Razer online store or at selected retailers. The Razer Iskur cloth is priced at 549.99 euros, while the Iskur XL cloth is priced at 649.99 euros.

Hasn’t Your Mobile Alarm Sounded? It’s An Android Bug

Many Android mobile users have found that the Google clock no longer sounds the programmed alarms, leaving them stranded at the worst moment.

The most common case is that of users who have fallen asleep, because their phone has not rung, but it also happens with any type of alarm at any time. Interestingly, it seems that the app works, it is simply that the alarm tones do not sound, even if we set the default or if we use a custom one. Sometimes it vibrates only once, but does not sound.

Those who have noticed have realized that the app does not warn that the alarm is going to sound either; a functionality that allows us to deactivate it before it sounds, but now it doesn’t even appear. The Play Store has been filled with complaints from users, who have given a star to the Google Clock app , which seems to be the culprit; many tell how they have woken up late, and even one user claims to have lost his job due to being late.

The really weird thing is that this seems to be a new problem; Most of the negative testimonials are from this week, which seems to indicate that it is the result of a recent update . But already in June there were some users who reported similar behavior, just after updating the Google Assistant; therefore, the strongest theory at the moment is that there is some kind of incompatibility or conflict with the Clock app.

As pointed out in Android Authority , it is difficult to reproduce this bug on purpose, even if you follow the same steps as someone who has suffered it. Nor does it seem that the brand of mobile we use matters, since there have been complaints from users of Pixel , OnePlus , Oppo , and many more . So it may well depend on some option in the configuration or even on the geographical location of the user.

At the moment, Google has not made any public statement in this regard. Without knowing exactly what is causing the problem, it is impossible to do anything to mitigate it; the only options we have is to use another alarm app, or another device such as a smartwatch.

We could think that an alarm is the easiest thing to program in the world: when the clock strikes the time, it plays a sound, that’s it. But even alarms are complicated nowadays, capable of connecting to the Internet and to our account through personal assistants and other apps. It seems that this complication is what has caused one of the most basic functions of a phone to stop working.

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