Why More Charities are Now Focusing Their Efforts Online

    Have you ever wondered why you are likely seeing less television commercials and print advertising about charity and different ways to donate to a cause? If so, you’re not alone.

    In fact, the majority of people in the world of advertising are seeing such trends as well. Right now there is a massive push from charities and non-profit organizations throughout the world to solely focus their awareness and outreach on internet-based methods.

    And there is a perfectly good cause for this, as traditional methods like television and print aren’t just more expensive… they are also outdated and less efficient.

    With all of that in mind, there are plenty of free and paid opportunities through the use of content creation, marketing and user engagement. And fortunately for you and everyone that’s quite active in this space, we will be highlighting seven of them today.

    7 Excellent Ways to Increase Charitable Growth and Engagement

    Before going live with your next charitable campaign or donation drive, it’s important to explore all of your options. If you aren’t currently using all of the methods below, be sure to implement them as soon as possible.

    1 – Build a Social Media Following

    Easily, one of the most effective and greatest ways for a charity to increase their reach and awareness, is through social media. With billions of users now active across the most popular platforms, it’s a must for a charity to do the same as well.

    And if you ever needed to see an example of this in action, look no further than WE Charity and their 3 million social followers on Facebook. With such a following in place, any charity can instantly keep their audience updated, without needing to pay for postal mail, tv ads or continued out of pocket costs.

    2 – Launch a Website

    Just as important as having a social presence, is making sure your charity has a professional looking website. Without this, there is no way for audiences and potential volunteers to find information about your organization.

    Having a website is also a great way to showcase any positive press, case studies, testimonials or projects your organization has accomplished.

    3 – Utilize Facebook Marketplace

    Speaking of social media, Facebook Marketplace is another great place for charitable organizations to focus their efforts. However, this time it isn’t about the exposure, but instead the potential resources available.

    Millions of people are listing items for free on FB Marketplace all over the world. These items could be used by charitable organizations to sell in their own thrift shops, or to provide valuable resources to those in need.

    4 – List Your Organization on Charity Review Sites

    Another great way to bring free exposure and awareness to an organization, is to make sure they are listed on charity review sites and directories. One of the most popular sites for this is Charity Navigator.

    Through the use of these sites, organizations can gain premium exposure, while also being able to collect reviews and testimonials from other volunteers and individuals who have made donations. It’s also a great way to bring legitimacy to your organization, and most of these review sites are well-established and trusted resources.

    5 – Get Active with a Blog

    As mentioned earlier, having a website is important, but it’s often not going to be enough to rank at the top of the search results. In order to improve your chances of ranking for relevant keywords and bringing audiences back to your site through social media, you are going to need to have a blog with lots of great content.

    In reference to the type of content that a charity could make on their blog, it’s recommended to focus on events, newsletter type content, organization updates and resource guides that people would commonly look for when looking to help those in need.

    6 – Accept Donations Online

    Of the many reasons why television commercials and telethons worked so well, is because they focused on getting people to call up and make a donation. Through the use of the internet, it’s now easier than ever to start accepting donations online, and also not being

    7 – Connect with Influencers and Celebrities

    Another great advantage to focusing one’s efforts solely on online advertising, is that it also really opens the doors for organizations to work with celebrities and influencers to help spread the word. This is something we have commonly seen with PETA and their ‘no fur’ campaigns, or the NBA in their local neighborhood clean up awareness.

    Nearly any foundation or organization can now connect with these celebrity-like individuals directly, or get in touch with their agency or representatives without much of a problem. And even better, it’s a great way to use influencer marketing to help bring back more audiences, volunteers and resources back to your own site and organization.

    The Best Ways to Gain Attention for Your Charity

    After reading through each of the recommended and effective ideas above, we can confidently say that the majority of these will work much better than traditional advertising on TV and in print ads. And even better, people can search for charities online whenever they like and no matter where they are. With traditional marketing, they would need to actively be watching TV or have a print magazine in their hands.

    In addition to being more effective, such methods can also provide lower associated costs and higher user engagement. And with SEO and getting traffic from the search engines or social media, that also comes with a lot of useful audience data to help in future ad campaigns as well.

    All in all, there are plenty of ways for charitable organizations to grow their reach and audience. However, the ones that will find the best results, as the ones that are willing to put in the time and effort where others won’t.