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5 Kinds of Trash That You Can Turn into Cash

Did you have a general cleaning, or just planning to do it this weekend? You might have a lot of trash to get rid of. But, before you throw them away, see if you can make money out of them. There are unused items at home that you can sell to get some cash. Here are some of them.

Scrap metals

Scrap yards and recycling centers will turn your scrap metals into cash. There are different types of metals that you can sell, such as scrap aluminum, brass, steel, copper, bronze, titanium, nickel, and cast iron. You may get these from appliance parts and other metal objects. If you have a car that you wish to dispose of that is no longer feasible for repair, a scrap yard is also the place to make money out of it. You free space at home, and you have additional cash in your pocket.

Card boxes

It might surprise you, but some companies pay for card boxes. If you recently moved, you can make extra money from the boxes you used for your move. Even if you did not recently move, you might still have accumulated card boxes throughout the years from packages or purchases that you made. Instead of piling them up at your place or throwing them away, earn additional dollars by selling them.

Old appliances

If you bought new appliances for your home, you could earn from your old ones, whether they are still working or not. If they are still working, there are local online buy and sell sites where you can post them. You may also post them on your social media account and see if someone in your network will be interested. If they do not work anymore, you may still post them on the same sites but have a clear description that they are not working, so they know what to expect. Those experts in appliance repair may still fix them or use their parts to repair other appliances. A scrap yard is another place to sell them.

Used gadgets

Some wireless and mobile service providers buy old gadgets, such as laptops and smartphones.  Confirm with your service provider if they do so that you can sell yours to them. Some sites buy used devices. Like with the appliances, you can sell them for a specific price depending on their condition if they are still working. If they no longer work, you may still sell them, as they can still be fixed, or their parts can serve as replacements. The key is to let potential buyers know right away about the condition of the gadgets.

Old auto batteries

If you are about to replace your old car battery, you can save from your new purchase by giving your old battery to your seller. The seller will deduct a certain amount from the new battery’s price in exchange for your old one. If you already replaced the battery and missed doing this, you can still sell it to junkyards or auto parts shops.

Before throwing away items, see first if there is an option to sell them to make extra money out of your trash.