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Why Indoor Plants Are Important In Your Home

Decorating your work space or your home with some indoor plants is the best idea in recent days. You can scroll through Instagram and you will be able to see beautiful pictures of interiors that are totally decorated with leafy vines, spunky succulent, hanging plants, and many more.

The reason behind this sudden popularity of indoor plants is the benefits that plants have to offer us. Indoor plants will improve your physical and mental health in the ways you will barely notice them. Plants can effectively reduce the stress level and maintain your blood pressure level with a decent heart rate. So, why not include them in your interior decorations.

Benefits Of Having Indoor Plants In Your Home

There are several benefits that indoor plants have to offer us. Here are some of the reasons why you should have indoor plants in your home.

1. Let You Breathe Better Air

As per several pieces of research, indoor plants are effective in getting rid of the summon toxins along with indoor pollutants that are present in the air. Benzene and formaldehyde are two of them. A study has found that in a 12 hour period bromeliad plants were able to remove 80% of the 6 volatile compounds from 8 compounds.

On the other hand, the dracaena plant was able to remove 94% of the acetone. However, the air purification ability of plants depends on the size of plants, the amount of toxins in the air, and also the size of the space. But for a large room, 6 to 8 numbers of medium to large plants will be able to bring noticeable change.

2. Boost Your Well-Being

Humans evolved on this earth amongst the grassland and surrounded by trees. So, there is no wonder that plants will make us more comfortable. For years they had fed our bodies and souls at the same time.

A study shows introducing indoor plants in a heart and lungs rehabilitation center had noticed a greater change in the patients’ health than those patients with no greenery. In that study, 28 numbers of plants were placed in the rehab center of Norway. So, it is clear that indoor plants will give you better physical and mental well-being at the same time.

3. Makes Your Room More Comfortable

Apart from adding colors and liveliness indoor plants also change the physical aspects of the whole environment in a pleasant way. Plants can increase the humidity, reduce the noise, maintain a moderate temperature by shading a sunny window, and also screen an attractive corner.

So, before you fill out the space of your room with a piece of furniture or any other objects consider how you want to feel in that room. May be planted can help you create the exact vibe that you want to get when you will stay in that room.

4. Increase Your Productivity

The succulent on your coworker’s table may be the reason behind her increased productivity. Plants are essential for our survival. A study says that indoor plants are able to boost someone’s productivity by 15%. Office plants promote an environment of calmness and improve well-being.

This in turn affects the creative ability of an individual and also lets us focus on their task. As plants are also effective in managing your stress it reduces your mental stress and enhances your working ability.

5. They Help In Promoting Healing

Close relationships with plants help us to recover quickly from illness and injury. When we are surrounded by plants it gives us a natural living sanctuary, where we feel safer. It has been seen that patients with indoor plants in their rooms need fewer pain medications, had normal heart rates, lower blood pressure.

While recovering from surgery, patients feel less fatigue and anxiety with plants in their rooms than patients with no plants. There are also some plants that offer physical healing benefits as well.

6. They Will Eliminate Stress

Potting plants and actively maintaining those plants will allow us to forget about all the stress that we have in our day-to-day life. This is at the same time helpful for our mental well-being and also good for plants. Indoor plants also enjoy this care and grow better and equipped better in order to provide all the physical benefits.

In case you are at the beginner’s stage of gardening you can start with a succulent plant and place it in a room, which receives a lot of light. Or if you have a room with moderate light you can go for philodendrons. Do not worry if your first attempt fails, try again.

Some More

So, what are you waiting for? Head to your nearest nursery and take home a bunch of mental and physical relief. Who can say a money plant can bring you some money investment ideas?

Some Excellent Indoor Plants


In case you are not that good in selecting plants for your home. Here is a list of indoor plants that you definitely can go for.

  • Jade Plant.
  • Snake Plant.
  • String of Pearls.
  • String or Hearts.
  • Ponytail Palm.
  • Zebra Haworthia.
  • Phildondendron.
  • Pothos.
  • Aloe.
  • Umbrella Plant.
  • English Ivy.
  • ZZ PLant.

Final Thoughts

Apart from all these benefits there are a lot more that indoor plants have to provide you. Once you start including them in your life you will start noticing the difference on your own. Taking care of them, seeing them grow and bloom will give you a strong sense of accomplishment. They will become your friends or your baby. That is why people say they talk with their plants and also sing to them.