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7 Great Ways to enjoy outdoor activities this Spring

Spring is the perfect time to get outdoors and enjoy some time to yourself or have some fun with family and friends. The best thing about spring is that the weather is neither too hot nor too cold, making it ideal for outdoor activities. Whether you prefer to do things solo or as part of a group,  there’s plenty to get out and do if you’re up for it and that’s why we’re here to share 7 great ways to enjoy outdoor activities this Spring.

  • Planning a Camping trip

Spring is the best season to plan a camping trip. Whether you prefer to pitch up in a forest or on the side of a hill, outdoor camping is an enjoyable and pleasant activity in and of itself.  The adventure can make the season more exciting and attractive, especially if you find a great spot to set up camp near mountains, river, or lakes.

  • Go for a Bike Ride

It’s time to grab your bike from the shed and make the most of the ever-extending daylight in the evenings. Take a bike ride with your friends and enjoy the cool breeze or ride along by yourself and take in the views. Wherever you choose to ride, make sure you take the time to enjoy the beauty around you, beit natural or man-made. What’s more cycling is fantastic exercise, so you can get fit for Summer while enjoying the sights of Spring! 

  • Outdoor Picnic Parties

We believe that Spring is mostly about fun and family, making it the perfect season for a picnic party. They might be a pain to plan, but an outdoor picnic party with your family and friends is a sure way to create long-lasting memories.  After months spent cooped up indoors, getting outdoors is undoubtedly good for the soul and the same can be said about spending time with those you love. So why not relax, unwind, and enjoy some good food and even-better company? 

  • Go for Swimming 

For some, the water in spring is still too cold to go swimming in, however, coldwater swimming has a number of health benefits that’s making it more and more attractive to a growing number of people. Whether you have access to a swimming pool, river, lake, or even the sea, swimming in Spring is a great way to improve your mood and physical fitness. That said, if you’re swimming in nature, make sure you don’t go alone and always remain aware of the tide, currents, and weather

  • Enjoy A Boat Trip 

If you’re lucky enough to own a boat or live near a boat rental agency, Spring is a great time to get yourself out on the water. Rivers are always at their most beautiful in Spring and the sea starts growing increasingly calm. Being on a boat also means that you can take a dip in the water whenever you like, allowing you to enjoy 2 outdoor activities for the price of 1.  

  • Climb A Mountain

Now you could actually go and climb a mountain if you like, but we were more thinking about hiking. Hiking is a fantastic outdoor activity as it covers so many bases. You can enjoy beautiful views, get some really good exercise, camp if you like, and it can be enjoyed solo or with others. As far as outdoor activities in Spring go, hiking is one of the most popular and it’s easy to see why. 

  • Play Some Video Games

The lines between the real world and the digital world have never been more blurred than they are today, so why not get outdoors with your Smartphone and play some games? You’ve probably heard of Pokemon Go, but did you know that there are tonnes of great Augmented Reality games that you can play while walking around in the real world! Some even reward you for covering certain distances within a specific timeframe, so you can get fit while progressing in your game. It’s a win/win!