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Impact of increasing landfills on the environment

There is no question that landfills are a big problem when it comes to the damage they cause to our environment. Having a proper place to dispose of rubbish has always been a serious issue for society and the main concern is that there is an increase in landfills worldwide.

Today, we are going to be talking about the impact that these dumping grounds are having on the environment and what we can do in order to minimize the damage.

The many sources of pollution

There are quite a few sources of pollution that are constant in modern society. Factory smoke, car exhausts, industrial gas and chemical leaks, etc. We are bombarding the planet with a large amount of toxic materials and most of these pollutants are going to continue to damage the environment. This will be the case even if that specific area stops releasing toxic waste.

It is safe to say that the persistence of pollution on the environment is the biggest problem. This is the reason why we have to do everything in our power to reduce the damage that is done by the waste that we produce.

Types of waste 

Not all waste is going to have the same impact on the environment, and usually organic waste is quite manageable. Other types of waste such as electronics can be extremely damaging due to the toxins that make their way to the soil and damage the environment for long periods of time. 

As we mentioned before, the biggest concern is that many of these substances such as mercury, acids, cadmium, arsenic and lead, are going to continue to damage the soil for years to come even if the source is completely contained and stopped. 

There is a particular liquid that forms when waste is broken down in the landfill and water starts to filter through that waste. This is called leachate and it is highly toxic with the potential of polluting land and water.

When organic waste is added to a landfill, the idea is to make it as compact as possible and to cover it up immediately. The problem with this method is that the lack of oxygen is going to start an anaerobic process that ends up releasing methane gas. This gas is a huge problem when it comes to the damage it does to the environment.

Waste disposal taking place in landfills is not being properly controlled in most cases and this is leading to a serious impact on the environment. This level of environmental damage is not looking like it will be stopped any time soon, but being able to distribute waste properly is going to be very helpful. This is important in order to select anything that can be recycled and avoid sending that out to landfills.

Some overwhelming statistics 

This is going to sound unbelievable to some people, but the entire world can generate an average of 3.5 million tons of waste every single day. This solid waste includes industrial waste, electronic equipment, construction debris, plastics, etc. Those numbers are even more difficult to hear when we consider that this can translate to more than two billion tons of waste being produced each year.

Just imagine having to find a way to get rid of all of that waste, and think about how much rubbish we are accumulating every year. The truth is that it seems overwhelming to hear those kinds of numbers, but there are ways in which we can get involved to ensure the best possible outcome.  

Landfills and remote locations

The use of remote areas for landfills is good to help keep people away from these toxic areas, but this is also an environmental issue that is going to pollute the air due to the increase in trucks that will be driving in the area.

Other landfills are very close to the ocean and this means that any waste that ends up in the water can have damaging effects for years to come.

Landfill waste takes a long time to decompose

Some research has been conducted to conclude that landfill waste can take decades to decompose completely. This is a major concern because this means that the waste that is buried under the landfill can continue to produce harmful methane gas for decades.

This is one of the main reasons why landfill management can be such a demanding process. We are in need of new strategies and new waste management ideas that will help us minimize the damage that is done to the planet.

A good place to start

Proper waste management before heading to the landfills is the best way to handle this issue at the moment. Doing our best to ensure that only non-recyclable waste is going to be sent to landfills is the best approach if we want to avoid serious environmental damage.

Unfortunately, the damage that has already been done might be impossible to fix, but we can at least find ways to ensure that this is not going to continue to happen at the same alarming rate that it has been happening in the last few decades.

Once we are able to organize a proper approach to waste management, we are going to be able to produce more controlled waste. This is also going to impact the level of toxicity that is produced within a landfill positively.

Making use of a skip

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