Cannabis Cafe Lowell Farms opens in West Hollywood in September

Cannabis Cafe Lowell Farms opens in West Hollywood in September


The first official cannabis cafe of the US is all set to open its doors for everyone on 24 September.

Named as ‘Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe,’ the cafe is located in West Hollywood, California. It will follow farm-to-table concept of smoking and dining, thanks to a new business license which permits consumption of marijuana on-premises alongside drink and food service.

The cafe has been designed to offer a stylish, welcoming and comfortable experience to the cannabis enthusiasts, first-timers as well as those who simply wish to spend time at a cool spot with friends. It is also targeted to the tourists coming from cannabis prohibited states and wish to try cannabis in a manner which will not get them high.

The drink and food menu created by Chef Andrea Drummer intends to match along the kicked senses which the customers might be experiencing. The offerings would be changed frequently; however, the opening menu of the cafe includes dishes like grilled chicken sandwich and burrata as well as non-alcoholic beverages.

No dishes in the menu will come infused with marijuana; however, a few edibles developed off-site would be sold at the retail counter of the cafe alongside Lowell Farms marijuana products.

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