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Average American hasn’t organized their computer desktop in this many years – digitalhub

By Zoya Gervis // SWNS


Half of Americans would rather clean their house than their desktop, according to new research.

A poll of 2,000 Americans found that 50% of respondents would much rather clean their entire house than have to sit through nearly an hour of cleaning up and organizing their digital devices.

The average American hasn’t even cleaned or organized their desktops in over three years.

The study conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Western Digital aimed to discover the reasons why Americans are avoiding decluttering their desktops and discovered 62% say their desktops are “very” cluttered across all their digital devices.

So why are Americans so reticent when it comes to cleansing their desktops? Turns out, over half (51%) worry they’ll lose their photos and videos in the process.

Another 49% worry they’ll lose all their passwords if they attempt a desktop cleanse while a further 47% don’t want to delete any apps off their devices.

The worry among Americans is very real when it comes to organizing their digital devices. The number one worry among Americans is the fear of deleting things they’ll need later on. 

Other big reasons people say they are avoiding giving their desktop a proper clean is because they know where everything is right now (36%), it’s time-consuming (31%) and it’s such a mess; there’s no hope for it (26%).

But, 61% wish they were more organized when it comes to their digital desktops. 

One in seven say they receive a “low storage” or “storage full” warning on at least one of their devices daily — Another 28% receive these notifications weekly. 

Anthony Morquecho, director, product marketing, Western Digital, stated “With devices at our fingertips, we have the ability to create and capture an enormous amount of content. We are now accustomed to accumulating digital content, however, when it comes to managing it all, it is definitely a challenge for many.” 

A cluttered desktop can wreak havoc on peoples’ lives. Having a messy desktop stresses 71% of respondents out. 

Unfortunately, Americans are also clueless about all the files and documents they have stored on their devices. Sixty-seven percent reveal they currently have files stored on their devices they’ve completely forgotten about. 

However, over half (51%) don’t understand how to properly back-up all their files. 

Morquecho added: “As a digital storage company, our mission is to help consumers find the best solution to combat digital chaos. We work hard to make it so easy that it doesn’t have to feel like a chore.”


  1. Worry about deleting things they’ll need later               46%
  2. Knowing where everything is right now                        36%
  3. It’s time-consuming                                                      31%
  4. Having a large amount of storage capacity                 29%
  5. It’s such a mess; there’s no hope for it                        26% 


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