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Six out of 10 British homeowners plan to move this year as their requirements for the ‘dream home’ have shifted following lockdown – digitalhub


Six out of 10 British homeowners plan to move this year as their requirements for the ‘dream home’ have shifted following lockdown.

A study of 2,000 adults found more than a quarter admitted their vision of the perfect house has now changed since quarantine measures were introduced.

Almost half (45 per cent) of adults would like a garden or outdoor space which is larger than they currently have, and a third want more space to grow plants, fruit and vegetables.

In light of social distancing measures, 52 per cent of people would now rather live in the countryside.

And with the Prime Minister still urging people to work from home where they can, more than a quarter of those polled now want a property with space for a home office, so that it’s easier to work from home.

Alex Beavis, head of mortgages for Skipton Building Society, which carried out the study, said: “With the nation having spent so much time indoors lately people have had the opportunity and time to decide whether their home is really giving them everything they want and need – as well as highlighting features that are missing from their current home.

“Usually when people look to move it’s because of space.

“They either want more of it, less of it, or they want their own space after a relationship breakdown or flying the nest.

“The lockdown has really given us all time to hone in on exactly what we want from our living arrangements and what our top priorities are if we were to move.”

The study also found one quarter of respondents are prepared to spend more money to find and live in their dream property.

A third want to move somewhere with a bigger kitchen, so they can perfect their baking in the case of another lockdown.

And three in 10 would be looking for a garage to store bicycles or other exercise equipment.

However, almost one in five say their future dream home would even include luxury items like a hot tub or an outdoor swimming pool.

A bigger space for indoor activities, downstairs toilet facilities for more frequent hand washing, and larger kitchen cupboard space to allow for stockpiling also feature on the list of what Brits now want from their ‘dream home’.

Alex Beavis from Skipton Building Society, added: “Living in the countryside would naturally limit your contact with other people more than being in a city centre.

“Who knows what habits and living observations we’ve picked up during lockdown that might stay with us long after social distancing measures are relaxed.

“But what will be interesting is watching if this filters right through the housing market – we could start seeing new build properties with bigger gardens or home office areas designed in direct response to many of us getting used to working from and spending more time at home.”

But not everyone polled feels an immediate desire to ‘up sticks’ – with 30 per cent of homeowners surveyed, via OnePoll, believing there is potential in their current home to make it their dream residence.

The average Brit reckons it would cost them just under £20,000 to get their current place up to scratch.

And of those who have decided not to move in the near future, a fifth have realised they’re actually perfectly happy where they are.

A further 17 per cent would consider re-mortgaging their current living space to turn it into their dream home.

With mortgage rates at a historical low, some want to take advantage and bring out the sledgehammer.

However, 38 per cent would like to revamp their kitchen to make their house closer to ‘dream home’ status.

A garden, or a bigger garden
A spare bedroom
An en-suite
More natural light
A bigger kitchen for baking/cooking
A garage to store things like bicycles
A home within walking distance to local food shops
A patio/decking for BBQs
A downstairs toilet for washing hands more often
A state-of-the-art kitchen
A place in the countryside or further from the city
A space for a home office
More kitchen cupboard space for stocking up food
A bigger living space for indoor activities
More separate rooms, such as a separate dining room and living room
A summer house
A bigger fridge/fridge space
A home closer to a park or green space
A dishwasher
A garden space for an allotment
A space for home workouts or gym equipment
A balcony
Better Wi-Fi
Window seat
Outdoor hot tub
Outdoor swimming pool
Rooftop terrace
A home cinema space
A space for a bigger TV
A house on a quiet street for children to play in safely
A home mini bar with beer taps or drinks fridge
A place with kinder neighbours
A built-in wine cooler/drinks fridge
Multiple spaces for more than one home office
A playroom for children
Bigger postbox/letter box for parcels
A home where you can chat to neighbours from two metres away


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