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Most Americans agree that having a filthy car is a dating dealbreaker – digitalhub

By Zoya Gervis // SWNS
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When it comes to relationships, seven in 10 believe having a dirty car is a turn-off, according to new research.

A poll of 2,000 American drivers discovered that over half (51%) would go so far as to end a first date early if their date showed up in a dirty car.

In fact, having a messy car is such a massive turn-off that 23% have even ended the relationship with someone because of their filthy vehicle.

The study conducted by OnePoll, in conjunction with Meguiar’s, aimed to discover how people feel about their dirty cars and uncovered that nearly half (49%) admit to having a messy car.

Whether it’s old food wrappers, dirty blankets or expired drinks, 68% of those with messy cars are completely embarrassed to have people in their car, given its filth.

Yet, 45% say containing the mess in their cars is overwhelming.

Nearly a quarter (24%) say they avoid cleaning their cars because they know it’ll just get messy again shortly thereafter.

Forty-one percent don’t think it’s all that important to have a tidy car while a further one in five don’t even know where to begin when it comes to cleaning their cars.

And another 24% would much rather clean their toilet than have to tidy up their car.

Results reveal that 62% of those surveyed would rather have a dirty car than a dirty home.

When asked about the junk found in people’s cars, three in 10 reveal their cars are filled with crumbs while a further 28% say they have empty bottles taking up way too much space in their cars.

Three in five respondents say their cars are filled with stuff they need to pursue their passions.

“As a brand that’s all about reflecting your passion, we understand that people have a myriad of passions and, sometimes, it’s those passions that can lend themselves to having a messy car. In fact, while some people may not normally be passionate about maintaining a clean car, if they are looking to feel more productive, have a healthier love life or be happier overall, a nice cleaning could significantly benefit them in the long run” stated spokesperson for Meguiar’s.

A majority of Americans believe their entire life would be better off if they had tidier vehicles. Seventy-eight percent say a clean car makes them feel like they have their life more together.

Results reveal there is actually a connection between your car’s tidiness and how productive people are (or can be). In fact, two in three say they are more productive when they have a clean car.

“Just like a clean house or a tidy office space, a clean car often comes with a variety of benefits. By taking the time to maintain a clean car, people reveal their life has positively benefited as a result of their commitment to car tidiness” added spokesperson for Meguiar’s.


  1. Dishes                                                                                                             36%
  2. Dusty shelves                                                                                                 29%
  3. Kitchen sink                                                                                                    27%
  4. Toilet                                                                                                               24%
  5. Bathtub                                                                                                           24%


  1. Floor                                                                                                                41%
  2. Backseat                                                                                                         30%
  3. Cup holders                                                                                                    27%
  4. Dashboard                                                                                                      22%
  5. Trunk                                                                                                               22%


  1. Crumbs                                                                                                           30%
  2. Empty bottles                                                                                                  28%
  3. Food wrappers                                                                                                25%
  4. Old magazines                                                                                                24%
  5. A blanket                                                                                                         23%

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