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Best free only fans ideas

So, what are the best onlyfans accounts?  Social media is that tool which since its advent, has revolutionised the way this world connects. From the telegraph machine, which used hands to print out a series of dots and dashes to Morse Codes, to the birth of the internet, which opened doors for digital communication, humanity and human interaction has drastically evolved.  And then came the mainstream apps and sites, Linked-In, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit- all of them providing different ways for their users to connect, allowing various sorts of content, catering to all the many kinds of audiences.

But now is an era where we have started moving on to new, not-so-conventional sites which are beginning to eclipse apps like Facebook. These new platforms are coming forth with new ideas, allowing a more diverse range of creators, and hence, are fast gaining popularity. One such example is- Onlyfans.

Commonly associated with explicit material, this platform, with an estimated worth of $1 Billion, is gaining immense popularity among people, mostly young individuals. Owing to its policy allowing all kinds of content, even the one which other apps have banned, like the NSFW material, it is increasingly gaining traction. And as more people turn to it in hopes of making big bucks, we thought of bringing you some ideas in case you consider creating your own Onlyfans account.

But before that, it’s essential to understand what the platform is, what kind of content it hosts, and most importantly, how you can make money on it. So let’s get started.


Founded in September 2016 by Tim Stokeley, Onlyfans is a one of its kind, the subscription-based platform for exclusive content where fans are required to pay a certain amount of fee to access whatever content their favourite creators put out. Headquartered in London, this platform currently has over 1M creators and 100M+ registered users.

Onlyfans has completely changed the game by giving the power and control into the hands of creators, providing them with a medium to directly interact with their respective audiences without involving any middle man in the form of agencies or companies. This allowed artists to foster connections with their fans and helps them build a following for themselves, of people who like their content and are willing to pay for it.

Although the site gained massive traffic after the Coronavirus, it seems from their 2018 £641k corporation tax that they were already doing well, even before the pandemic. However, after the pandemic hit, while the global economy suffered and unemployment skyrocketed, Onlyfans reported a 75% growth in model signups. Also, the searches for the site on Google rose precipitously.

And after Beyonce gave the platform a shout-out, it fanned its popularity. Beyonce name-dropped Onlyfans in her remix of Megan Thee Stallion’s “Savage’, which led to a 15% spike in the site’s traffic.

Then Cardi B released WAP and included the Onlyfans page in her promotional plan, starting a new trend of A-list celebrities joining the platform, adding more to its fame.

Since its foundation, the site has paid out over $2 billion to its creators. The platform is also ready to see over $300 million in fan payments in December 2020, a 370% increase from $64 million last December 2019.


Since the platform allows explicit content to be posted, which is likely to get removed from other media, the site predominately has sexual content. Mature content is why it doesn’t allow underage individuals and why so many are searching for onlyfans accounts. But is it all about explicit material? No. The site hosts a diverse community of artists and entertainers belonging to a variety of genres. You’d find many dancers, singers, fitness instructors, bodybuilders, actors, stand-up comedians and many more creators of different art forms using the site, engaging with their fans and earning revenue.

Oly, a famous singer, producer and songwriter, shares her songwriting process with her fans. And influencers like Caroline Calloway, who dress up in costume as literary characters, with an annual salary of more than $220,000.

We have the example of The Dream, who created an account to promote his album, SXTP4. He connects with his fan base through the platform and encourages them to post their choreography to his songs.

Then there is Mayweather, who joined the platform before his exhibition fight with Logan Paul to share his day to day life with his fans. And Michael B.Jordan made his Onlyfans debut to raise charity.

The platform itself is trying to become more mainstream by cutting out on sexually explicit content. So it holds a good chance for creators from other categories, busting the common perception of it being all about NSFW content.


Onlyfans allows its creators to post their photos, videos, or live streams, which can help generate revenue. While creators can create accounts for free, OnlyFans keeps 20% of the earning as its fee, paying 80% to the creator.

Here’s how you can earn money on Onlyfans:

  • SUBSCRIPTION FEE: Onlyfans is a subscription-based platform where people are required to pay to enjoy the content of their favourite creators. This amount can range from anywhere between $5 to $50. The fans can then view posts and can also interact over DM’s and live streams.
  • TIPS: Apart from the subscription fee, fans can also tip the creator. Content creators may also only allow accounts they don’t follow back to send them a message if they attach a tip, of which they can also set a minimum amount.
  • PAY PER VIEW: Onlyfans has this pay per view option for its users. It means that you can make a particular post and make fans pay money to view it. When followers find it on the timeline, they cannot see it unless they pay the monetary value set for it.

Onlyfans also has a feature allowing you to offer free content, which you can use to market yourself and gain more followers.


Now that we have established what the platform is and how it functions let us talk about how you can have a successful Onlyfans account, gain more followers and earn big money.

Since the platform has celebrities with a huge fan following onboard, it can be difficult for beginners to start as creators. But don’t worry because we have come to your rescue. We bring you all the many ideas, tips and tricks you can adopt to be a successful Onlyfans creator.

  • MAKE A ONLYFANS: We know it sounds bizarre because why would you create free content when you can have an accessible page to earn money through your posts. But hear us out. As we said earlier, the competition is at an all-time high, and it would not be easy to attract people to your content. Having a free page makes users on the site more likely to view your page, resulting in a bigger audience later. Therefore, we advise you to post free content, and once you find the audience for it, you can monetise.
  • MAKE A SECOND FREE ACCOUNT IF YOU HAVE A MONETISED ONE ALREADY: If you are someone who already has content that people pay for, you can create another page offering free-range, such as behind the scenes or teasers, and coax them to subscribe to your main page.
  • INCREASE AUDIENCE INTERACTION: Not just on your main account, but also on the one where you post free content, interact with your audience. Posts polls and add questions to your posts to increase engagement. The chances of them subscribing to your content or even sending tips would be higher.
  • MAKE SEVERAL POSTS A DAY: Onlyfans is a platform where interested audiences pay because they like your content. Making several posts a day, and doing live streams, would surely raise your following, helping you earn money.

These were some tips you can use, which would help gather a following and build your community.


The world is advancing at a pace. Concomitantly there are numerous new opportunities which one can avail. Onlyfans is one such platform. Thomas Hollands, the author of the blog XSRUS, who analysed the economics of Onlyfans, believes it is an even better business model than Airbnb or Uber. Considering how much the platform has grown in just four years, we can say that it holds a promising future and is one big step in social media evolution. And if you are thinking of giving it a shot, use the provided tips and ideas.  You might be the next big name in the Onlyfans world.